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New Cheryl Cole L’Oreal Campaign !

She’s topped many lists in regards to her style, and one of her stand out features that she is probably most recognised for is her luscious locks, Showing off her sultry side Cheryl Cole smoulders in the stills for her latest campaign for L’Oreal’s Elnett hairspray, Proving that she is worth it, the 29-year-old is truly breathtaking as she rests her head against a golden backdrop.

Today’s Wedding Gown – نفنوف العرس لليوم

I Haven’t wrote about today’s wedding gown for a while… which i miss and miss people’s comments about the outfits i choose, be unique, be special with the perfect hair and the perfect style in everything to be the shining the star out there, being a girl who loves fashion is the best feeling ever!!!! i’m really into fashion and into unique colors! Fashionsta Girl ! Vergara Got it this time, for her being simple, unique and beautiful attaching everything together to get the perfect style! Waiita Go Sofia!

How To Wear Colorful Jeans For ” Her ” – كيف ترتدين الجينز بألوان الباستيل؟

هل ترتدين دائما الجينز باللون الأزرق؟  لماذا لا تجربي الجينز بدرجات الباستيل، مثل لون الخزامى والنعناع والجوافة والتي تناسب جميع أشكال الجسم.  النجمة كيم كاردشيان تفضل هذا النوع من الجينز  ونحن هنا سنساعدك على  كيفية تنسيق هذه الألوان الناعمة على طريقتها

Do you always wear blue jeans? Why do not try varying pastel jeans, such as the color of lavender, mint, guava, to suit all forms of the body. Star Kim Kardashian prefer this type of jeans here and we’ll help you on how to coordinate these soft colors in its own way

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