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Espressamente illy VIP Event @The Avenues Mall !

So The other day i was invited to attend the VIP event of illy cafe, i’m not going to lie, during their soft opening i have sat in this cafe, but i didn’t like it, the menu wasn’t full and there was no food, which made me sad ” yes i was hungry that time ” but after some time i received an invitation from Senyar to attend the cafe, i was thrilled, i just had to try the food and the coffee together, and honestly? should i say the best coffee in kuwait? or espresso ! it’s just amazing, the food as well? verryyyy kind on the stomach ” but your pasta needs to be bigger : just saying ” the taste’s were amazing, i’d definable go again and recommend it to any who wants a cool atmosphere and an amazing coffee experience, PLUS the thing is, i did my own espresso! illy actually taught me how to do an espresso, ” THANK YOU MARVIC ” for the help!

check out the pictures, and i’d like to thank My new Blog PhotoGrapher ” Omar Al Awadhi “20130601-150309.jpg

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Review: Stone Grill !

So Today, i’m giving you a point and Review of a restaurant im dying to try! which is, Stone Grill, Yes You Cook Your own food, you choose what you want, how it’s cooked, Medium, Rare Of Well Done, Love Spent On Food, and i totally recommend you to come to this place, It’s amazing but it’s place? not so amazing! Omniya Mall, in Salmiya Infront of AlFanar, Stonegrill Kuwait, a franchised Australian chain of restaurants “Stone Grill International -SGI” has been open in Kuwait
since 2009, Stonegrill Kuwait offers a wide-ranging menu that complements a unique and new experience of dining,
the first of its kind in the area. ” Sorry For The Low Quility, Got Those With My Phone ;S “


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Review: The Blue Bakery

The Blue Bakery, each friday we receive desserts from business’s in kuwait to review about and well the bakery was a HIT in our gathering, it was so scrumptious, amazing yet tasty at the same time, i think they’re signature is the red velvet cake with frosting, YUM? i totally recommend you the blue bakery, Chef Faisal LOVES you! kila ya6lib minhom ;P oo 6ab3an mno shayashna ghaira? ;P Dessert is the usually sweet course that’s after the huge meal and feast you had, and we had this! much love to the blue bakery! Order from them Now!

Follow them on Instagram: Thebluebakery


Smash Burger Anyone?

Smashburger is a fast-casual restaurant offering great tasting, cooked-to-order burgers and more.


Why? Our handcrafted burgers are smashed, seared and seasoned to order, using our fresh, premium beef. Whether you choose our Classic Smashburger or decide to create-your-own, we deliver a great-tasting, juicy burger you can taste in every bite.


What Can You Find In A Normal American SuperMarket?

What Can You Find In A Normal American SuperMarket? My Cousin Abdulrahman cruises the states with the weird things that he does / and finds! and i simply love it, because well, i’m a foodie, i love food and i love to try everything and anything! except insects, i don’t count those as food.. as if .. anyways! i simply love food and check what he found while he was cruising! I’m DYING!


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A Commercial By Kim Kardashian For Hardeez ” Carl’s JR ” – دعاية كيم كارداشين لهارديز

Everything’s Gotta Be Clean, Crisp & Tasty!

Restaurant Review: Triangle’ Review ! 3ajeeeb!!

I had the most amazing night yesterday with amazing people in a lovely event, an event I’m specialized in.. Food Tasting! It was amazing ! Triangle’ ? Is just getting improved more and more & even more!!! The American concept? Was amazing and my favorite was they’re appetizers YUM! Check out the pictures then judge!

I Published this post by phone, so it’s the first time using it the wordpress app on my iphone!

Salhiya: 50838483 – Delivery: 90944031

Instagram Them,: Trianglekw ! 3ajeeeb!


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Want The Cinema’s Nacho Cheese? – تبون نفس جبن السينما؟

Well ofcourse i always tour kuwait and supermarkets to find the latest sauces ” I LOVE SAUCES & DIPS ” and i found this cheese, but i’m not a cheese fan except the cinema cheese, and i love it, the only cheese ;P and i found this brand and the cheese is EXACTLY the same, maybe they use this cheese, MUCH LOVE!

The Chocolate Bar Eid Cake‏ !

The Chocolate Bar has designed their new Eid Aladha cakes.
The “Fakar Ana Khofe” is rated at KD23 and the round one is KD19. They are charging KD1 for delivery.
Facebook: TheChocoBarKw
Instagram: @TheChocoBar
Twitter: @TheChocoBar

Celebrities At The Pumpkin Patch!

It’s a Fun Celebration that almost every single person in the world enjoys it which is Halloween, nothing’s better than Halloween when choosing the perfect pumpkin for the family and especially for the spooky events! Celebrities, are choosing the Pumpkins with their families, especially children!

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