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@ChocolatenessKW‎ Anyone ?!

From a Molten Cake Business, To one of the successful business’s in Kuwait, that nearly all the business’s look up to!

Their Desserts were underestimated, that’s what their made, ” Desserts ” that’s well the real meaning i’m speaking about, a dessert should be something sweet and loving, you can’t just add chocolate to any dish and call that a dessert, THOSE were the creators of the moltens, those were the starters of such a ” HABA ” nowadays, yes i will be launching 3 new golden moltens, but they won’t be like your traditional molten cakes like Chocolateness ” avoid copying and be special , 1# Rule in the Business industry ” but overall, i totally recommend, Readers, FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS JOINT!


” Chocolateness is an exciting new concept managed by Kuwaiti youth. In 2007, four young entrepreneurs undertook an experiment in business. The product was an unbelievably rich and tempting chocolate molten cake. It had been lovingly baked and served at family dinners and on special occasions for generations. This business venture, a booth at a carnival selling this epicurean dessert, lasted only two days. In that brief time, the young entrepreneurs were overwhelmed by the public reaction to this decadent treat. Now, a few short years later, they have supplied its deliciousness to thousands of customers all around Kuwait. How? They were invited to festivals and carnivals all over the country. People could not get enough. To please the palate of thousands of eager Kuwait citizens, the young men agreed to bake and deliver this delight to clients at their homes.  “


 Is it a word that define an individuals actions or does it have to do with our roots even though looking at mountains peek we share the same parents ( Father Adam and Mother Eve). Take a moment and allocate your self in a place of silence, Open up your mind as I want you to disband, think and analyze of what shall be written. Look up at this 4-lettered powerful word with your wide eyes opened triggering your minds to ingest and comprehend with no limitations, Use your mind and sail with your wild imagination. It’s this word that has landed in many families. As Its one of those tactics that many tend to use to crush the true meaning of love or the excuse of not approaching, stepping ahead to move forward.

Brazil National Football Team coming to Kuwait? – المنتخب البرازيلي بيي لكويت؟

I received semi-confirmed news that Brazil National Football team is coming to Kuwait for the official opening of Jaber Stadium to have a friendly game with Kuwait National Football team, marvelous. The Public Authority For Youth And Sport said they have chosen Brazilian National Team because they have good contact with it, but like I said this news isn’t 100% confirmed because I recall they said sometime back that they were trying to make a deal with European football team.

I guess we have to wait to see, fortunately the announced opening date of Jaber Stadium is on 17th February so that’s not long from now.



Some Pictures Of The Olympic Games In London – بعض الصور من الالمبياد بلندن

It was an amazing hit and simply loved everything especially when kuwait came out and made me fall to tears seeing my own country going into something Huge world wide!

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تفاصيل زيارة كيم كارداشيان للكويت




We Finally Knew how Kim Kardashian Is Coming but is it worth it to pay such price just to see her? i mean i would deffinatly pay but it’s a dream for me to meet her and just tell her this sentence: I Own Fried Junk and I Do Fried Oreo’s… just these simple words can anyone please make them happen for me?


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