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Today’s Wedding Gown – نفنوف العرس لليوم

I Haven’t wrote about today’s wedding gown for a while… which i miss and miss people’s comments about the outfits i choose, be unique, be special with the perfect hair and the perfect style in everything to be the shining the star out there, being a girl who loves fashion is the best feeling ever!!!! i’m really into fashion and into unique colors! Fashionsta Girl ! Vergara Got it this time, for her being simple, unique and beautiful attaching everything together to get the perfect style! Waiita Go Sofia!

Emma Stone = Sensational !

As All of stars of SpiderMan they have to look Stunning for the whole event? while this Lady Stars as the pretty and studious Gwen Stacey who plays it safe when it comes to her attire.

But Emma Stone was a far cry from her on-screen character tonight as she arrived at The Amazing Spider-Man premiere in London in a very plunging jumpsuit