Famous Grill – Anaheim, CA

I’m not a fan of Arabic cuisines in Arabic because most of them do not have flavors because my house cooks one of the best dishes I have ever tried, but it is known in psychology that every person prefers their Mama’s cooking because it is close to their hearts. Nonetheless, flavors can vary but in America, it is hard to consume those types of dishes because they either lack flavor or are too expensive to serve so they serve something just to fill you up. This is my review for the famous Grill, I would recommend yes, but not on a daily base. I ordered something normal and not out of the box like chicken tenders. And those were the dishes that we ordered. Check them out… Mushroom Burger, Chili Cheese Dog, Chili Cheese Fries, Avocado Wrap, and Chicken Tenders.

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Buck & Rider – Phoenix, AZ

You are totally missing out this seafood experience, this is one of my favorite restaurants in Arizona. The food is so fresh and the menu always fills your appetite, it’s expensive yes, because all the ingredients are flown in on a daily base, which gives the flavors extra extra extra flavor! To be honest, it’s a date night or a fancy dinner event other than that, I don’t recommend if you go on a daily base. Here is some of what I ordered as a “Dinner Date”. I truly love the concept of this restaurant excuse it just saves as something warm to the heart. The flavors in general are earthy which gives your palette a party to enjoy! Overall, I would recommend this place!!

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Coconut’s Fish Cafe – Scottsdale, AZ

To be honest, I am a huge fan of sea food and I started to understand the difference between each flavor. Some fish are different than others from the consistency and the flavor it gives after frying or grilling them. Therefore, I would truly recommend this restaurant and the flavors they provided. It was clean, yummy and filled with flavor. I am one of the people that truly appreciates the flavor of seafood and the flavors were the “BOMB”!! Check out the picture and try out the place! 

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ChezVous – French Creperie, Scottsdale. 

So I tried this creperie because I was craving the French cuisine in general. However, I wasn’t really happy with the service it was so SLOW! I’m trying to be very descriptive because not all of the service was nice, there was a lady, that was so helpful and understanding however one of the service was not really nice at all and did not even smile. Though, I do not speak French and most of the dishes were in French with English description so I had a hard time understanding what was going and wanting some explanation with the dishes but he wasn’t helpful and he never showed up at the table and the way he put the food was not even nice, unlike, the lady who was very welcoming. He was wearing glasses! But that’s the concept of reviewing this place, on the other hand, the food made me enjoy my time but it did take along time to come onto our table. Check out the pictures, I would give it a 7/10 because of the time. Other than that, it was a fun experience!

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Sushiholic – Phoenix, AZ

Sushiholic11/18/16 10pm

I recommend this restaurant because you can get so many sushi in a very good price and even taste good quality.

I have had a great experience ordering something small in a big portion which makes the food even more interesting. I’m a fan of sushi and this kind of plate makes me love the term sushi itself and I would definitely be satisfied.

This is what I ordered:-

Spicy Salmon Roll

Shrimp Tempura Crunch Roll

Philly Roll

Sweet Thang Roll

Las Vegas Roll

Golden California Roll

Volcano Roll

Kuwait: The Future #FoodCapital الكويت العاصمة الغذائية للعالم 2030

There are several steps which might develop Kuwait and make new national income for the country, and one of the ideas it to make Kuwait a touristic city where people visit to try high standard quality and ingredients. Creating the world’s food capital within 2030 in Kuwait is the main goal. And this video is the first step toward the main goal.

مبادرة الكويت العاصمة الغذائية للعاالم 2030 هي مبادرة وطنية أطلقها مبادرين من القطاع كدور مسئول وطنياً واجتماعياً تجاه الكويت. أسمى أهداف المبادرة هو خلق مصدر دخل قومي جديد للكويت وتوفير فرص عمل واستثمار، تؤسس بنية تحتية تساهم في تنمية وتطور الكويت. الطهاة والمبادرين والمستثمرين يشكلون الركائز الاساسية لجعل هذا الحلم واقع، كون الكويت تحتضن حالياً مجموعة ملهمة لمشاريع غذائية ذات معايير جودة عالية جداً وعدد مهم من الطهاة والمستثمرين القادرين على تطوير قطاع المواد الغذائية والقطاعات الخدمية المرتبطة بالمواد الغذائية.

مزيداً من التفاصيل والخطط المستقبلية على موقع المبادرة: http://www.food.capital





*Marwa and Dr. Abdulaziz Aldaigan song was done by Senyar.

@BitesDonutsAZ – Mini Donuts! 

On Wednesday, 16th of October. A food truck was parked in our community that sold mini donuts, that had multiple flavors. It was to die for and I’m a sweet tooth honestly, therefore, I immediately went down to try the good stuff. Now, when it comes to homemade donuts, I get a little picky because some can be oily and others can get a little hard to eat but this one was phenomenal!!!! It was so good and fluffy that you couldn’t feel it going through your stomach except the scrumptious flavor! It was amazing and I would definitely recommend them for any of your parties or gathering, right here in Arizona! They had multiple flavors but I need to have white and milk chocolate combined :3 

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كلام عن ترامب و الانتخابات و الاعلام الامريكي

Many of us, had issues about Trump and the election in General, however, during this period, a student talked about the concept of the elections and how Trump won. It is crazy to know that he actually won the election and wont he swing states, thus, making him over power Clinton with simply the “Media” here are some thoughts about the elections in general.


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McDonald’s are finally serving a Nutella Sandwich !

Mcdonalds in Italy have just announced the Nutella burger. 2016 is starting to look a bit better. It is being order as part of the McDonald McCafe version of McDonald’s itself, but how would this sandwich have any diffferent flavor than the one you make at home ? 

@NinoRestaurant – Kuwait

Nino is an Italian Restaurant that opened in Kuwait and had a huge hype. They recently changed their menu and their branding of the restaurant itself. The authentic flavors that the restaurant offers is truly phenomenal. Nowadays, they have more than 6 locations

” The Cube, Waterfront, Avenues, Arabella, Divonne, Light ”

I would recommend you guys going to the Cube because it’s not that crowded and the food comes out immediately after you order. The switch of the restaurant was amazing, and the dishes we tried were very yummy and interesting, now I know this is only Nino and I should not be reviewing it since it is good, but the dishes are to DIE FOR!

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