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Torrie Wilson Vs Candice Michelle (Wet N Wild Match)

She’s just the kindest, most genuine person in the entire, entire world. I just mean that from the bottom of my heart. Love her to death and just wish that if anybody deserves ultimate happiness, it is definitely Torrie. She is one sweet girl… that I love, who am i talking about ? oh yes Torrie Wilson. A Role Model, & Always A Role Model..

Taryn Terrell after her war vs. Gail Kim

Taryn Terrell talks after her Slammiversary match against Gail Kim and her reaction to the acclaimed bout!

The Benefits of Wrestling: Why You Should Wrestle ?

Wrestling is one of the only sports that everyone in the world can understand. There probably aren’t many people in the world who haven’t wrestled around or roughhoused with siblings and friends. The desire to test one’s strength and physical ability is innate — kids everywhere do it for fun! Competitive wrestling, in a formal setting, is a sport understood at its most primal level.


Wrestling doesn’t discriminate. No matter your body type — height or weight — there is a place for you in wrestling. In some sports, only certain body types are able to succeed. In wrestling, as long as you are tough and have the desire to win, nothing else matters. Weight classes ensure fairness amongst the competitors, so you’re never too small or too big to participate.

Most wrestling teams don’t even cut their athletes from participating for lack of skill or talent. Rather, it’s more common for a wrestler to get cut from a team for not meeting academic, citizenship, or other (nonphysical) requirements. As long as you have the desire to be a member of the team, that’s where you belong !

Chyna Speaks To The WWE Universe !

Actually that’s not true. There were rumors circulating that Vince was considering to bring Chyna ONLY to the HOF (not to appear at all on WWE television) but then she appeared on TNA which angered the hell out of him. Since it’s a PG show, that’s the real problem especially since adults will find out she’s an occasional porn actress. The only issue I have is her is her trying to think she can do both. TNA could have signed her, but only if she had stuck to wrestling.

A Brawl Between 2 Women – هوشة بين بنتين

The Brawl Between Velvet Sky and ODB

Eve Torres Quits WWE After Losing Diva Championship Title !

Wrestling Diva Eve Torres has reportedly left the WWE after losing her championship title during the most recent edition of “Monday Night Raw”, according to a Wednesday report.The International Business Times reported that Torres lost the championship Monday night to Kaitlyn, so she quit. According to the report, Torres won the title on September 16 and kept it for four months until Monday night


Let’s Have A Divas Memorial Match !

Mickie James vs Kelly Kelly vs Beth Pheonix vs Rosa Mendes

All Those Moves are preformed here are for professional divas people only! and it takes years of training, it might look easy and fake? but trust me they’re not that easy to deal with and not easy to take, one wrong move may lead and hurt your future life, trust me, i’m speaking of experience…

WWE Diva Michelle McCool Talks About My Idol ” Torrie Wilson ” @Torrie11

Everything Michelle McCool Had Said Was Real…. Torrie Wilson Your My One & Only Idol !

Velvet Sky Returns to IMPACT WRESTLING!

After a six month hiatus, Velvet Sky crashes in on Tara and Mickie James who will be facing off this Sunday at Final Resolution for the Knockouts title.

Victoria illuminate Titantron – فيديو لدخلة المصارعة فيكتوريا وثبوت علامات عبدة الشيطان

She was a great wrestler, and had the greatest gimick when using this one, just a perfect one and now changing into TNA and wrestling more professionally makes her more.. unique with her skills as a wrestler ! but illuminate signs were proven and i’d like to share them with you… the eye !