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McDonald’s are finally serving a Nutella Sandwich !

Mcdonalds in Italy have just announced the Nutella burger. 2016 is starting to look a bit better. It is being order as part of the McDonald McCafe version of McDonald’s itself, but how would this sandwich have any diffferent flavor than the one you make at home ? 

@NinoRestaurant – Kuwait

Nino is an Italian Restaurant that opened in Kuwait and had a huge hype. They recently changed their menu and their branding of the restaurant itself. The authentic flavors that the restaurant offers is truly phenomenal. Nowadays, they have more than 6 locations

” The Cube, Waterfront, Avenues, Arabella, Divonne, Light ”

I would recommend you guys going to the Cube because it’s not that crowded and the food comes out immediately after you order. The switch of the restaurant was amazing, and the dishes we tried were very yummy and interesting, now I know this is only Nino and I should not be reviewing it since it is good, but the dishes are to DIE FOR!

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Los Angeles – A Place To Be. 

Apparently, I just realized that I have never spoke about my experience in Los Angeles. The “City of Angels” is not considered to be the best place on earth. What you see on movies is competely different, Hollywood and the lifestyle of Americans is a different story as well. Los Angeles is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world, the cities taxes are incredible and the prices of everything is beyond imagining. Imagine a bottle of water is more expensive than a can of Coke. On the other hand, the weather is phenomenal throughout the year. During my period of studying at UCLA, I lived the life of a foreigner, it was hard. On my first semester I lived in Downtown, Los Angeles, and I never figured that the traffic was horrible. I had to try to wake up 2 hours prior going to school, but it was always messed up!!! Not talking about the Parking that costs $20 per day!! It is an over priced place for a student who wants to live out the most. On second thought, the atmosphere and the places to go are extremely amazing, unlike, other states. Los Angeles will give you the experience like never before, just make sure you check out the area online first and avoid the high ways on rush hours “7am to 10am – 3pm to 7pm” and you will enjoy Los Angeles the way you want to.

Dutch Bros. “The Secret Menu”

Dutch Bros. coffee is an amazing place to grab a fantastic caffeine laden burst of goodness. You know when you go here, you are going to find just what you need to get through your day. And if you are a fan of Dutch Bros., you probably have a go to drink that you order most of the time. But we are all about mixing things up a little and finding something more interesting. So what you may or may not know is that Dutch Bros. has a fantastic secret menu full of great drinks just waiting to be discovered by you. So take a chance and order one of these creative combinations the next time you find yourself needing a coffee fix. Check out our handy, dandy list to to guide you in the right direction to a new favorite from the Dutch Bros. Secret menu!


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Adil Al-Jubair replies to a christian who is accusing Islam of ISIS

عادل الجبير انسان قمة في الثقافة والفصاحة والعلم، يوم بعد يوم  يثبت لنا انه خير خلف لخير سلف، تابع ردة فعله ودفاعه عن دينه قبل وطنه ولغة الجسد عنده تتكلم اقوى من لسانه طريقة سماعه للسؤال وطريقة ردة فعله ووتيرة صوته اللي تبين لك هدوئه مهما غلطت عليه وتعابير وجهه اللي ما تتغير ولغة الجسد اهم لغة في السياسة،  الله يوفقه لخدمة دينه ووطنه

100 Years of Beauty – Women(Iran)

The Beauty of Women has changed in Iran, and i believe it is because of political laws.. but still i have no idea. I am obsessed with these videos.

100 Years of Beauty – Men

Have you ever wondered, how beauty was important throughout the ages? You can see the difference between 1990’s and 2000 in general…


A churro is a fried-dough pastry—predominantly choux—based snack. Churros are popular in Spain, France, the Philippines, Portugal, Ibero-America and the Southwestern United States. In Spain, churros can either be thin or long and thick. However, what is your favorite dipping for churros? Chocolate? Snicker-doodle? oh oh i know…. Ice Cream!


Angelina Jolie & ISIS – أنجلينا جولي تحكي قصة عن داعش

Angelina Jolie, one of the MOST influential celebrities worldwide, she might be the only one that understands what humanity is all about, i mean really, when we speak of ISIS, it’s not even considered a religion! it’s Terrorism. i can’t even remember my parents telling me to kill people and nobody is a muslim. They told me it’s Forbidden to even call someone out as being a Non-Muslim if you truly understand the religion and know it’s bases. That is why, ISIS is NOT considered a religion, therefore, considered Terrorism.
Angelina Jolie & ISIS Screenshot 2015-07-04 17.54.02

تنبئ النبي بظهور التطرف بإسم الاسلام (داعش) في آخر الزمان

Real Islam view of ISIS

سيدنا علي يتحدث عن داعش: قال الإمام: “إذا رأيتم الرايات السود فالزموا الأرض ولا تحركوا أيديكم ولا أرجلكم! ثم يظهر قوم ضعفاء لا يوبه لهم، قلوبهم كزبر الحديد، هم أصحاب الدولة، لا يفون بعهد ولا ميثاق، يدعون إلى الحق وليسوا من أهله، أسماؤهم الكنى ونسبتهم القرى، وشعورهم مرخاة كشعور النساء حتى يختلفوا فيها بينهم ثم يؤتي الله الحق من يشاء.”

وشرح الحديث بالقول: “(قوم ضعفاء) أغلب الداعشيين مراهقون…(قلوبهم كزبر الحديد) يتميزون بقسوة القلب والجفاء والقتل عندهم أهون من شربه ماء… (أصحاب الدولة) المقصود (الدولة الإسلامية فل العراق والشام).. (أسماؤهم الكنى ونسبتهم القرى) نعم فلا نعرف لهم اسما ولا عشيره …مثل أبو مصعب الزرقاوي وأبو حمزه المصري وأبو بكر البغدادي… (شعورهم مرخاه كشعور النساء) هذه لا تحتاج بيان فهذه سمه بارزه فيهم.”