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Baked With Love.

So The Other Day We Ordered, SomeWhat Called The New ” Dessert ” Which Is Baked With Love.

Cookie Pizza Style Who Has ALOT Of TASTE IN IT!  Other Than The Style, it Was REALLY TASTY.

I Loved Every Single Bite! It Made Me Feel Like I Was In Paradise, I Enjoyed The Taste, I Enjoyed Everything! EVERYTHING!

Plus We Ordered 2 Candy Cookie Pizza! 1 For Me & The Other For My Cousin Due To His Birthday. He Loves Cookies & He Said: That This Cookie Was The Best Cookie He Had Ever Tasted !

Its your Chance Of GETTING THAT COOKIE PIZZA! Im Craving It Since The First Bite! & here Are Some Of They’re Menu:













































Prices Are:

Original Cookie Pizza : kd8,5
Candy Cookie Pizza : kd 10
Rocky Rock Cookie Pizza : kd 10
Snow  Cookie Pizza : kd 10


Contact Them:


Number: 94938452

Don’t Miss Trying It.