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@EstaLaPasta Anyone !?

I Never Stop From Loving This Pasta Business, Their So Creative From The Way They Serve Their Pasta’s I Have Worked With Them On The Marketing Process From The First Days, Even Before Fried Junk ” Well DUH he’s my Cousin ” i always intend and have the honor to support the business’s because one of the days i needed help from known people and none stood by me except a few .. so i am grateful to them and i don’t want to be the type of the other ” people ” that supports for money 🙂

Esta La Pasta

Home Delivery A unique way of serving your pasta in a box of 6 cups. Order by Whatsapp, before 3 hours: 50508781 Delivery time – 12:30 to 10:00

Burger Location – How Their Burgers Are Made? @BurgerLocation

Burger Location – How Their Burgers Are Made?

Click_DS By Dalal Al Sane’ !

” I am a kuwaity engineer to be with passion for photography and photo editing. I have founded my own home business several months ago under the title of “clicks”. I am looking for your support and would be happy if you accept and publish this form of admiration on your instagram account. “

fried junk pop art

Hey Dalal! I saw Your email and i loved the picture, you deserve the great push and support 😉

Dalal Al Sane’



Stitches By Moon: Uniquely Made Crochet Items @StitchesByMoon – هالمشروع حده عجيب !

Stitches by moon is about handmade crochet items, The idea of the my business comes after I graduated from university Because of my love of crochet and knitting
My mother taught me when I was 10 years old, the main object of the business is to display and sale my handmade collections and to organize crochet and knitting learning classes, The selling process based on order ( the time depend on the item ) Some time there is ready to sale collection
Delivery and delivery charges depend on the area.

photo (5)

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New Trend, Flower Crowns & Head Bans From Rose Archetto – هبة يديدة للبنات

A New Fashion Trend is going on in the country, it’s all about flowers and head bans, but combining them together to create a flower head band !


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A Yummy Red Velvet Cake From @Gesha_Mesha

A Yummmy Red Velvet?? Hmmm!! I fell in-love, maybe the best red velvet I had? It was so scrumptious !! It’s called the ” VelOreo ” it was too creamy, too oreo’y , it was just perfect to me, the combination of its topping and the cream is so Delicous!!! Go get yours now! From Gesha_Mesha!!


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Football_Kits ! Amazing T-Shirts!

hello guys, we are football_kits and we sell soccer shirts which are almost original, but cheaper!  3 months ago we started our business,but a month later,the business was closed due to school issues! we just re opened our business since “5ala9na eldirasa” and hopefully fried junk will help us get back on our feet and become a successful business like friedjunk its self! This is basically it, and we also make daily competitions…and the one with most likes wins a tshirt with or without a name at the back. Thankyou friedjunk for helping us again and goodbye;)

20130123_162708 20130123_163043


Instagram: @football_kits

#66111628 or #66049471

Kik: football__kits

Rainbow Bites !

حلو الرينبو بايتس

يعتبر حلو الرينبو بايتس مشروع وفكرة كويتية 100% قد لاقت اقبال وإنتشار كبير في الفترة الحالية وذلك بسبب خلطته المتميزة والمكونة من البسكويت المصنع من أرقى انواع القمح والمحشوة بعدت نكهات مميزة ولذيذة والمغطاه بالكريمة الغنية لتلبي كافة الأذواق يتم اعدادها يوميا بكميات محددة حسب الطلبات المسبقة وذلك لضمان الجودة .


وتحتوي علبة ( المكس رينبو بايتس ) على عدد 24 قطعة بنكهات النوتيلا – الرافييلو – الكندر – كيك الفانيليا – كيك الكاكاو والسادة ).

ويمكنك ايضا اختيار لونك المفضل وتشكيل علبتك  !

وللمناسبات والحفلات علب وأشكال خاصة ومتنوعة لكافة الإحتياجات والمناسبات

Instgram: Rainbow_Bites

Whatsapp : 99523554

Phone : 94405804

Via PinkGirl

A Cute 2 Eat Bakery ! Yummy Customized Cakes!!

They Make You Everything Customised, even if you didn’t find the cake that you want in mind? they’ll make you from zero and put it on there next menu, name anything and it will be done!

Contact: 69607030

Small Business: Choco Spell ” LOOKS YUMMY ” !

whatsapp: 55571455
instagram: chocospell
18 pieces 15 kd – plus delivery charge 2 kd