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Kill The Lights With A Bang!

Normally shooting twice just to be sure is a good idea, but in this case you’re just going to undo your progress. That’s because this lamp doesn’t turn on by means of a switch, clapping sound or tap—you have to shoot it, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “kill the lights.” Designed by the Japanese design company bitplay, the Bang! Lamp comes with a matching gun, and when you shoot it the lampshade tips over as if it’s been shot. While I’m not typically the type of person who keeps a gun at my bedside, I think I can make an exception this time.

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Does GAP Really Stand For Gay & Proud?

I Know This Subject Might Be A Bit Old But GAP Really Stands For Gay & Proud?

In My Opinion Since I Heard About The Rumor, I Didn’t Believe Anything & Even Asked My Mother About It & Well She Said ” 5arabee6 ” , & It Really Effected Me On NOT Wearing GAP Shirts & Even Pants.

But Until This Moment? I Decided To Clear The Rumor & Gossips Running On GAP.

So I Surfed The Net & What My Mom Said Before ” 5arabee6 ” & it Was TRUE!

The GAP Myth Was An Urban Myth & A Rumor To Put Down GAP’s Reputation.


But I Got This From They’re Reply On The Rumors I Found On A Site.

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