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Hop on for a ride and keep yourself in good shape. Features dual-action handles so you can pump your arms and legs for simultaneous movement. Burning calories: Easy-to-use computer output includes time, distance, calories burned, speed, scan and reset modes.

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Today From Sheeel.. Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch Core i5

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MacBook Pro is machined from a single piece of aluminum, an engineering breakthrough that replaced many parts with just one. It’s called the unibody. And the first time you pick up a MacBook Pro you’ll notice the difference it makes. The entire enclosure is thinner and lighter than other notebooks. It looks polished and refined. And it feels strong and durable — perfect for life inside (and outside) your briefcase or backpack.


Today From Sheeel.

@SheeelDotCome ‘s :: Today’s deal is… Sonic Style Electric Toothbrush 201 by OMRON + Blujet cordless Dental Water Jet by medel only 11 KD

The OMRON Sonic Style 201 is a battery operated sonic toothbrush. Even though it is very lightweight compact toothbrush it is highly efficient at removing plaque. It comes complete with a stand to keep it in and 1 Triple cleaning Head brush.

Medel Blujet removes debris & food residue from between teeth, even in the most hard-to-reach areas, it has 2 pressure settings: high for deep cleaning & plaque removal, low for a gentle massage that will help strengthen & revitalize gums by increasing blood circulation.

Today From Sheel.

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