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Mubader Seminar. (Day 1)

first of all, i signed in with the Mubader Seminar, because i needed to take my business to a next level, after my cousin called me & said : you can take it! plus bloggers are free, i thought he was joking, but he wasn’t so i signed in & went & i can easily say that it was amazing, from the people & meeting other bloggers.

I arrived Very early so i can take pictures haha 😛

kan wayed mratib il shi8il oo kan feeh 3asha too, as in a break.

The places weren’t full, there were places so anyone can come too, & there were just 7 bloggers but overall everything was COOL! i met: Q8Path , Seeking Salubrity , Al Mothalath !

Nice Meeting You Guys! Hip Hip For Today Again, as well Today will come a very great guest, He’s The Owner of Slider Station & he’ll talk about how he started his Business From Tip To Toe 😛

6ab3an 3ala ma legaita ba8ait amoot, kil mara ye9eer shay bil regency, the workers there ma yadroon 3an wala shay :S, lema ri7t il reception zain wadooni ;p

They were just putting the last touches before the seminar starts,

i wrote full 2 Papers! WOOT! & there were questions on the side to answer them as of your own business.

i took this picture from my Seat, it was a really great & fun experiance, at the first of the Seminar he made us all to Stand Up & Say: It’s Possible, everything is possible & everything can be Done By 8 Things, Success Will Not Come Easy: Patience , Commitment, Passion, Drive, Consistency, Time, HardWork, RESUTLS!

& The 2 Things That Are Needed To Start A Perfect Business: Passion & Skills! Find Those, Combine Them & Your Gonna Get The Business You Love.

Starting Point: Imagination is NEEDED! When You Change The Way You Look At Things, The Things You Look At Change.

Create a Dream Room, Every Person has his Own Dream Doing What Ever He Likes: In the shower, Driving, Listening to Music, etc.. everyone has has a place to think & day dream.

Don’t Let anyone put you down no matter what, The Character Killer & The Idea Killer, AVOID THEM!

Find Soul Mates Is Very Important for your business, but not any someone you believe & trust, to exchange ideas & get helped by that person you trust.

when he finished: Mr.Hassan Al Gena3i from the small business company that they help & give money to Small Business’s, i talked to him about my business & he said: Your Too Young focus on your studies Then come to us, i was a bit insulted because i have a coach & my business is in the next level & its not in kuwait why aren’t you giving me the attention, age doesnt matter, anywho im gonna try my best wether with Support or without! because my couch told me: AGE DOESNT MATTER!

but overall it was a huge hit. Thank you Bloggers Gathering For Everything.