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Breakfast Joint ” @BreakfastClubKW ” I Recommend !

Where do you want to go during the mornings other than work? have you tried the BreakFastClub yet? it has an amazing breakfast atmosphere ” speaking about the Kipco tower Branch Ofcourse ” the Garcon’s were really welcoming and friendly, they invited us in with a welcoming heart, during the time, a chat and another chat had went through until the menu had came, ” they had ipads for all the table, so i’m giving them a hit hit to this! ” rarely restaurants offer all the ipads for one table.. anyways, we ordered and waited and the food? let the pictures do the talking..


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Restaurant: Oliversan @Oliversanrest

Well Honestley? I love chinese food, and i’m really into it, the fried rice, the sweet and sour flavors are extremely amazing in the chinese cuisine. but let me tell you. You come here for one reason, and one reason only, the AMAZING FOOD. This place receives a lot of hype and buzz, so I was invited to try their food with my friend AFS. It lives up to every crazy expectation. the combination of the flavors are flawless to me, i love flavors in the same dish, sweet, sour, spice, tingy, rummy, but in the end you’ll get a good meal!


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Bice Restaurant ” Al Hamra Mall “

The Other day i was invited with the bloggers to tasting at Bice Al Hamra Mall, i tried before to go to it but not alot of people recommended it, but i honestly liked it, it’s luxurious, that’s the thing, not american neither french, Italian, Cheese + Pasta, everything combined, it’s just amazing, the tastes, the gourmet taste ” Yes Gourmet Food has it’s own taste ;p ” I liked the meat and i the pasta was great, but there was one thing that i really loved, THE DESSERTT IS AMAZING!!! Just go for dessert if your in the mood for dessert, your going to love it.


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Review: Stone Grill !

So Today, i’m giving you a point and Review of a restaurant im dying to try! which is, Stone Grill, Yes You Cook Your own food, you choose what you want, how it’s cooked, Medium, Rare Of Well Done, Love Spent On Food, and i totally recommend you to come to this place, It’s amazing but it’s place? not so amazing! Omniya Mall, in Salmiya Infront of AlFanar, Stonegrill Kuwait, a franchised Australian chain of restaurants “Stone Grill International -SGI” has been open in Kuwait
since 2009, Stonegrill Kuwait offers a wide-ranging menu that complements a unique and new experience of dining,
the first of its kind in the area. ” Sorry For The Low Quility, Got Those With My Phone ;S “


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Review: The Blue Bakery

The Blue Bakery, each friday we receive desserts from business’s in kuwait to review about and well the bakery was a HIT in our gathering, it was so scrumptious, amazing yet tasty at the same time, i think they’re signature is the red velvet cake with frosting, YUM? i totally recommend you the blue bakery, Chef Faisal LOVES you! kila ya6lib minhom ;P oo 6ab3an mno shayashna ghaira? ;P Dessert is the usually sweet course that’s after the huge meal and feast you had, and we had this! much love to the blue bakery! Order from them Now!

Follow them on Instagram: Thebluebakery


Review: @Whoopie_Q8

first place in kuwait specilized in whoopie pie making to order just call us at 55500303

I DONT BLAME THEM! They’re Amazing, just like the one’s i had out of kuwait but these are more cookiesh and more suggary which makes my world go round and round < 33



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The Chocolate Cafe, Bloggers Event Today! Stay Tuned !



Wait For Our Review For Bagels Factory !!


bagel (also spelled beigel)  is a bread product, traditionally shaped by hand into the form of a ring from yeasted wheat dough, roughly hand-sized, which is first boiled for a short time in water and then baked.

The result is a dense, chewy, doughy interior with a browned and sometimes crisp exterior. Bagels are often topped with seeds baked on the outer crust, with the traditional ones being poppy or sesame seeds. Some also may have salt sprinkled on their surface, and there are also a number of different dough types such as whole-grain or rye.

Review: iHop ! In America !

A Few Days ago, i shouldve went to Kuwait’s iHop’s Tastings, but come on, alot of people want to know what they actually serve and what are they based on & about, we know it’s an american breakfast diner that serve an amazing american breakfast, food and FOOD, i’m SAYING FOOD! my favorite thing in the world, a Food tasting or someone saying let’s go try something new & comment on the food, ” SORRY THIS IS NOT MY REVIEW ” it’s my cousins which i’m so jealous, but i will be putting some reviews from his trip to america and the first is iHop, he simply said: amazing! get to order everything for breakfast and eat!

wait for them in the avenues or simply go now ;3


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Review: Prime & Toast .

Me & My Bestie, ofcourse i go like: god I’m not a morning person, so I went after my beautiful exam to take a break from studying, and went direct to a breakfast join that, I asked on Instagram where is the best place for breakfast? And I got this! Prime & Toast, again I’m not a morning person but I loved the morning atmosphere !!






Walk in to an upscale spot, with scrumptious breakfast & brunch.

Follow them @PrimeToast for news on new special dishes & info.

Bidaa Tel://22253131 – AlSeef Tel://22411252