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Bash Burger – Kuwait City, Kuwait

You know the feeling that once you go back home start to try all the new hot spots and feel fresh and new about the flavors and concepts delivered, well, this is what I got. I tried out a place called: ” Bash Burger” as a random reviewer, made sure there was no owner and no one would know me, so I get to review the place without any “Special Treatment” and the special treatment I got. We ordered 3 appetizers and 2 burgers. The flavors were phenomenal. The atmosphere was so simple and creative it made me want to come back again. Simplicity is everything and I hope the girls gain even more success! This should be in high end restaurants, the potato bun of th burgers weee wowish enough to satisfy my cravings. The risotto balls and the sauce all together combined was delightful. I do have a note about the buffalo chicken, if you could just change the presentation it would work out a little bit better because it fell as soon as he placed it on the plate and I had to re-do it to take a picture. Cheesy Fries, it was yummy but it was too cheesy with the sauces, change the concept of making it cheesy rather than saucy. The original bash Burger has to have a Bash Sauce I believe .. to make it more of a dignities dish instead of a normal burger . Name it’; Bash #2.0 as an influence and improved flavor. Other than that, the joint deserves an 7.5/10 just because wished the menu had more varieties and the updates I wish that had be done on the some of the dishes.

Thank you for understanding food girls! Good luck! The joint is located in Kuwait City, Kuwait – Sharq, Alshuhada Street. 

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De Falcos Deli – Scottsdale, AZ

One of my favorite Italian joints in Arizona, this place is truly authentic and has an actual Italian market. They were doing some renovation when I came in, it’s a must try place in Arizona, especially, the chicken Alfredo, here’s the thing add some pink sauce to it! The flavor automatically elevates !! I promise you, the authenticity they serve in their dishes is phenomenal. I love it and I’m sure your family will love it as well. Here is what we ordered! Num Num Num!

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Halal Wings – San Francisco

It was thanks giving break and I indulged myself to not eat food in order to lose weight before I go back home. But this joint grasp my eyes. No only it was halal, but the construction of the menu was phenomenal. It was “Halal Wings” the name itself was really catchy and interesting. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to go and eat chicken wings. I had the sweet chili and garlic Parmesan wings, along with other dishes of my friends that I tried out. The flavor was WOW. And it gave me what I wanted. Everything was just perfect, the concept, everything!!! I just wish it was brought in a way that more people would line up to try the food. It was epic. I don’t know what to say except the fact that I still miss the taste and flavor this place gave me. It’s 110% of how good it was! Thank you for a wonderful experience and thank you for being kind and helpful! I recommend the honey garlic wings, it was my FAVE!! 

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The Dripp – Fullerton, CA

I am not a coffee person to be honest, I hate its flavor and it’s too powerful for me, I can never sleep fast after one shot o coffee. I am more of a tea person and green tea actually, other than that, no. However, I went to try this coffee place in Downtown Fullerton that was fun and served coffee with a twist. Again, I am not a coffee person so trying the shot was too much for me but I had to order something to please my stomach because the place and the decoration itself shows how much they put in it. The interior design was very cozy and had a feeling that felt like home. The coffee drinks were just right, and actually go with the atmosphere.

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Famous Grill – Anaheim, CA

I’m not a fan of Arabic cuisines in Arabic because most of them do not have flavors because my house cooks one of the best dishes I have ever tried, but it is known in psychology that every person prefers their Mama’s cooking because it is close to their hearts. Nonetheless, flavors can vary but in America, it is hard to consume those types of dishes because they either lack flavor or are too expensive to serve so they serve something just to fill you up. This is my review for the famous Grill, I would recommend yes, but not on a daily base. I ordered something normal and not out of the box like chicken tenders. And those were the dishes that we ordered. Check them out… Mushroom Burger, Chili Cheese Dog, Chili Cheese Fries, Avocado Wrap, and Chicken Tenders.

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@BitesDonutsAZ – Mini Donuts! 

On Wednesday, 16th of October. A food truck was parked in our community that sold mini donuts, that had multiple flavors. It was to die for and I’m a sweet tooth honestly, therefore, I immediately went down to try the good stuff. Now, when it comes to homemade donuts, I get a little picky because some can be oily and others can get a little hard to eat but this one was phenomenal!!!! It was so good and fluffy that you couldn’t feel it going through your stomach except the scrumptious flavor! It was amazing and I would definitely recommend them for any of your parties or gathering, right here in Arizona! They had multiple flavors but I need to have white and milk chocolate combined :3 

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@NinoRestaurant – Kuwait

Nino is an Italian Restaurant that opened in Kuwait and had a huge hype. They recently changed their menu and their branding of the restaurant itself. The authentic flavors that the restaurant offers is truly phenomenal. Nowadays, they have more than 6 locations

” The Cube, Waterfront, Avenues, Arabella, Divonne, Light ”

I would recommend you guys going to the Cube because it’s not that crowded and the food comes out immediately after you order. The switch of the restaurant was amazing, and the dishes we tried were very yummy and interesting, now I know this is only Nino and I should not be reviewing it since it is good, but the dishes are to DIE FOR!

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Unique Restaurants: The Boiling Crab Experience – من اغرب المطاعم في امريكا: ذا بويلنق كراب

The Boiling Crab is a famous Seafood restaurant known for it’s famous bag of shrimps with the Shazang Mix. The restaurant is based on mostly market price, very yummy and unique compared to other sea food restaurants.


Monday – Friday 3PM to 10PM

Saturday – Sunday 12PM to 10PM


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Breakfast Joint ” @CavalliCaffe “

How about trying out Cavalli for a breakfast change? do you want to enjoy a luxurious atmosphere and eat like a king or queen? ” shda3wa ” bas ya3ni tashbeeh tamtheeli.. anyways, Cavalli is the place to enjoy an amazing breakfast atmosphere, feels like a european feeling or let’s just say an out door experience, how? you just can’t stop from having the amazing tastes, EVEN the bread tastes amazing ” i heard they bake their own ….

” Located In The Avenues – Grand Avenues “

Cavalli Cafe

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@ChocolatenessKW‎ Anyone ?!

From a Molten Cake Business, To one of the successful business’s in Kuwait, that nearly all the business’s look up to!

Their Desserts were underestimated, that’s what their made, ” Desserts ” that’s well the real meaning i’m speaking about, a dessert should be something sweet and loving, you can’t just add chocolate to any dish and call that a dessert, THOSE were the creators of the moltens, those were the starters of such a ” HABA ” nowadays, yes i will be launching 3 new golden moltens, but they won’t be like your traditional molten cakes like Chocolateness ” avoid copying and be special , 1# Rule in the Business industry ” but overall, i totally recommend, Readers, FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS JOINT!


” Chocolateness is an exciting new concept managed by Kuwaiti youth. In 2007, four young entrepreneurs undertook an experiment in business. The product was an unbelievably rich and tempting chocolate molten cake. It had been lovingly baked and served at family dinners and on special occasions for generations. This business venture, a booth at a carnival selling this epicurean dessert, lasted only two days. In that brief time, the young entrepreneurs were overwhelmed by the public reaction to this decadent treat. Now, a few short years later, they have supplied its deliciousness to thousands of customers all around Kuwait. How? They were invited to festivals and carnivals all over the country. People could not get enough. To please the palate of thousands of eager Kuwait citizens, the young men agreed to bake and deliver this delight to clients at their homes.  “