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Bash Burger – Kuwait City, Kuwait

You know the feeling that once you go back home start to try all the new hot spots and feel fresh and new about the flavors and concepts delivered, well, this is what I got. I tried out a place called: ” Bash Burger” as a random reviewer, made sure there was no owner and no one would know me, so I get to review the place without any “Special Treatment” and the special treatment I got. We ordered 3 appetizers and 2 burgers. The flavors were phenomenal. The atmosphere was so simple and creative it made me want to come back again. Simplicity is everything and I hope the girls gain even more success! This should be in high end restaurants, the potato bun of th burgers weee wowish enough to satisfy my cravings. The risotto balls and the sauce all together combined was delightful. I do have a note about the buffalo chicken, if you could just change the presentation it would work out a little bit better because it fell as soon as he placed it on the plate and I had to re-do it to take a picture. Cheesy Fries, it was yummy but it was too cheesy with the sauces, change the concept of making it cheesy rather than saucy. The original bash Burger has to have a Bash Sauce I believe .. to make it more of a dignities dish instead of a normal burger . Name it’; Bash #2.0 as an influence and improved flavor. Other than that, the joint deserves an 7.5/10 just because wished the menu had more varieties and the updates I wish that had be done on the some of the dishes.

Thank you for understanding food girls! Good luck! The joint is located in Kuwait City, Kuwait – Sharq, Alshuhada Street. 

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De Falcos Deli – Scottsdale, AZ

One of my favorite Italian joints in Arizona, this place is truly authentic and has an actual Italian market. They were doing some renovation when I came in, it’s a must try place in Arizona, especially, the chicken Alfredo, here’s the thing add some pink sauce to it! The flavor automatically elevates !! I promise you, the authenticity they serve in their dishes is phenomenal. I love it and I’m sure your family will love it as well. Here is what we ordered! Num Num Num!

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Breakfast Joint ” @BreakfastClubKW ” I Recommend !

Where do you want to go during the mornings other than work? have you tried the BreakFastClub yet? it has an amazing breakfast atmosphere ” speaking about the Kipco tower Branch Ofcourse ” the Garcon’s were really welcoming and friendly, they invited us in with a welcoming heart, during the time, a chat and another chat had went through until the menu had came, ” they had ipads for all the table, so i’m giving them a hit hit to this! ” rarely restaurants offer all the ipads for one table.. anyways, we ordered and waited and the food? let the pictures do the talking..


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Restaurant: Oliversan @Oliversanrest

Well Honestley? I love chinese food, and i’m really into it, the fried rice, the sweet and sour flavors are extremely amazing in the chinese cuisine. but let me tell you. You come here for one reason, and one reason only, the AMAZING FOOD. This place receives a lot of hype and buzz, so I was invited to try their food with my friend AFS. It lives up to every crazy expectation. the combination of the flavors are flawless to me, i love flavors in the same dish, sweet, sour, spice, tingy, rummy, but in the end you’ll get a good meal!


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Bice Restaurant ” Al Hamra Mall “

The Other day i was invited with the bloggers to tasting at Bice Al Hamra Mall, i tried before to go to it but not alot of people recommended it, but i honestly liked it, it’s luxurious, that’s the thing, not american neither french, Italian, Cheese + Pasta, everything combined, it’s just amazing, the tastes, the gourmet taste ” Yes Gourmet Food has it’s own taste ;p ” I liked the meat and i the pasta was great, but there was one thing that i really loved, THE DESSERTT IS AMAZING!!! Just go for dessert if your in the mood for dessert, your going to love it.


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Review: Prime & Toast .

Me & My Bestie, ofcourse i go like: god I’m not a morning person, so I went after my beautiful exam to take a break from studying, and went direct to a breakfast join that, I asked on Instagram where is the best place for breakfast? And I got this! Prime & Toast, again I’m not a morning person but I loved the morning atmosphere !!






Walk in to an upscale spot, with scrumptious breakfast & brunch.

Follow them @PrimeToast for news on new special dishes & info.

Bidaa Tel://22253131 – AlSeef Tel://22411252


The Counter “Custom Built Burgers” Now Open!!!! – البرجر شكلها خياااااال

Step into The Counter® and you’re greeted with a clipboard and an extensive list of fresh mouth-watering ingredients that allow you to build your own gourmet burger. Our 312,120+ different burger combinations make every burger as unique as each customer. Rarely is the same burger made twice in one day.


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@MamaNoga – The American Bistro Way‏

“Ever since I was a child all I aspired for is to open a restaurant, because food inspires Me, and now our reality is better than our dreams.” – Abdulaziz Emad Al Obaid – General manager of Noga company and owner of Mama Noga restaurant. Mama Noga is an all American bistro, where everything is simply freshly made, have your breakfast the American way.  Noga is the ultimate place for you to enjoy your breakfast with your family.

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Restaurant Review: Triangle’ Review ! 3ajeeeb!!

I had the most amazing night yesterday with amazing people in a lovely event, an event I’m specialized in.. Food Tasting! It was amazing ! Triangle’ ? Is just getting improved more and more & even more!!! The American concept? Was amazing and my favorite was they’re appetizers YUM! Check out the pictures then judge!

I Published this post by phone, so it’s the first time using it the wordpress app on my iphone!

Salhiya: 50838483 – Delivery: 90944031

Instagram Them,: Trianglekw ! 3ajeeeb!


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