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Bunnies Can’t Play Xbox 360 …

A bunny from Rayman Raving Rabbids attempting to play an Xbox 360. The thing he is looking into is an Xbox Live Vision Camera (motion sensing camera).

Rabbids invade the Royal Wedding.

i’d imagine how Bunnies would Invade my party xD

Rabbids – CarPark

Those Bunnies Are Called Rabbid’s & They Are The the STUPIDEST , FUNNIEST , Animals In The Gaming World ! i mean they do the stupidest things that make you laugh! without them? Raving Rabbid’s Is UseLess haha!

Raving Rabbids Alive & Kicking!

9ij ana kbeera oo 7alti 7ala bas leeh al7een al3ab hal a3ab weya 8al6aan, 3ndina Kinect oo hal li3ba 3ibara 3an Camera tsawi scan bil 8orfa wintaw t9eeroon il Yada kil shay tsawoona ib jisimkom, oo baroo7 il re7ab.. ee ana bint baroo7 il re7ab :P

bashtiri il li3ba! wallah t’9a7ik! :P