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Paris Hilton Walking Down The Streets Of L.A – باريس هيلتون تتمشى في شوارع لوس انجلوس

Since Paris Is Walking Normally For Fresh Air & Maybe Shopping As In a ” Break ” Of Celebrity Life, That Proves that celebrities need something for them, wether they’re good or bad, they need a break for themselves!!

Paris Hilton Spotted With Her Ferrari – الممثلة باريس هيلتون ويا الفراري مالتها

Paris & A Ferrari Car Since When? Paris Hilton is clocking up the miles on her new red Ferrari by whizzing the $280,000 new toy around town. The 30-year-old socialite was seen taking her dream car for a spin in Los Angelos Yesterday But the 5ft 8 leggy blonde struggled to get out of her sports car.

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