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How Many Times Have You Fought For This? – جم مرة تهاوشتوا بالبيت عشان هالشي؟

I’m SURE 100% you used to use that thing for what? Internet duh tali tyeek/tyeech il wadla sh7aga shabkeen 9ikooooooh abiii il telephone! wela: ya 7ameeeeer 9ikoooooooooh…. wela: * no connection * * yinsi7ib il wayir broo7a leeen il 9ala * … allllahh thikrayat 7ilwa !!!

Do You Still Remember This? – ليه الحين تذكرون هالشي؟

This BRINGS Back OLD MEMORIES! i was just how old am i? yea.. umm it brings me my childhood when i used to fight with my sis for the computer, just to use it & the only game there was was.. MineSweaper.. seriously?? xD who plays it now?

The Most AMAZING Voice Ever – احلى صوت بالعالم , يذكرني بالطفولة

When I was a little kid about age of 5 when i play the old PS alone and there was no light I become scared easily when I hear this. Anyone who got scared too?

A Song Of The 80’s.

i think everyone knows this song! well i do haha & i remembered it by Playing Dance Central 2 & the song was there.. & well we danced to it! Remembering the Past is such a cool feeling!