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Selena Gomez – Come & Get It

Can you see any illuminate signs? her new Music Video ” Come & Get It ! “

Selena Gomez – Come & Get It

A Fan Said: ” why are all these American singers putting indian beats in their songs nowadays? “

I Reply: ” the twist in the music industry changed the music worldwide, to add something that the fans want to hear and make hearable for hours “


جلسات وناسة – مشاعل وحلا الترك بنيتى الحبوبة

جلسات وناسة – مشاعل وحلا الترك بنيتى الحبوبة

طني ورور , هبة يديدة .. عاااشوا ورا ورا

عااااشوووووووو ولد ولد ولد ولد ولد , ادري هيليقية بس عحيبة .. سيدي يركب بارووكااااه ههههههه

Feel this moment – Pitbull ft Christina Aguilera

An Amazing Remix, To My Readers !

The Good Music – غنية الطيبين

Asereje… one of the most popular songs in the 2000’s… anyone listens to it now? i still do.. so ASEREJE!

PSY – Right Now , A New Song From PSY The Artist Of Gangnam Style !

The Only Thing I Wanna Say Is… Can i go crazy like psy when encountering a traffic jam?

No Men Were Harmed In This Video !

” I think the fact that u can relate to songs such as Beautiful, Fighter and Can’t hold us down that are all from a decade ago shows that her career isn’t a flop and she doesn’t deserve the title “floptina.” That fact a new generation are inspired and appreciate her early work proves how much of a true artist she is. Christina doesn’t make throwaway hits, she makes music from the heart that will go on and on in time. She speaks up for what she believes in and i love that. “

That’s How I Feel About Christina (: Cherish & Respect Them, They Don’t Work For You! They’re Making The Music For They’re Fans Either They Want to make it or not!

Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On

Celine Dion’s  Titanic Song Is 1 Of the hit Music… & it’s one of the Hottest & TOP Selling Movie of All Time.. I can’t believe they brought back Titanic again in 3D!! I just wonder if it will be as popular again as it was the first time it came out. But, I just remember how obsessed I used to be with Leonardo Dicaprio and millions of other girls were too,  Now days I don’t care about Leonardo Dicaprio very much anymore, even though I do still think he is attractive!

Miami – il7imdillah oo shifnakom – ميامي – الحمدالله و شفناكم

ماضيي قاعد يرجع عالبطىء غير ميامي ماكو…. وينهم؟ نبيهم!!!! ماضي الخيران