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Inside The Closet Of Miley Cyrus !

Imagine Your as the age of Miley Cyrus and Have a closet as big as Miley’s, She Simply Said: ” I have a great walk-in closet at home. My closet is the best closet you’ve ever seen! It’s huge, and it’s filled to the brim because I love clothes ” also added: ” I love, love, love to go shopping! ”


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Have You Ever Seen Mariah Carey’s Closet?

The five-time Grammy award winning artist has an enormous, climate controlled closet in her 12,000 square foot Manhattan triplex. However, the vast space still can’t contain all of Mariah Carey‘s shoes. “I have about 1,000 pairs of shoes. But lots are in storage,” she says. Carey designed the sweeping space with gold-leaf and bleached-wood floors. “Like Louis Vuitton luggage,” she says, “it will only look better over time.” Few girls would be able to fill the closet, which is arranged by color and material, as well as in event-specific groupings. “If someone else ever bought it [the apartment], she’d have to be a total diva!”

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وشم جديد لمايلي سايروس

أضافت النّجمة الأمريكيّة “مايلي سايروس” وشماً جديداً إلى مجموعة الوشوم التي تُغطّي جسدها، يرمز إلى مفهوم الصداقة. ونشرت سايروس صورة لها عبر موقع “تويتر”، تُظهر وشماً على شكل


، عبارة عن سهمين متلاقيين عند مرفقها الأيمن. ويرمز هذا الوشم إلى الصداقة، وقد نقشته لها رسّامة الأوشام “كات فون دي”. يُشار إلى أنّ هذا الوشم ليس هو الوشم الأوّل لسايروس، إذ إنّ لديها أوشاماً أخرى على بطنها، وعلى ذراعها الأيسر، مقتدية بتقليد النّجوم الذين غالباً ما تعلو الأوشام أجسامهم، مثل النّجم الإنكليزيّ ديفيد بيكهام، والممثلة الهوليووديّة أنجلينا جولي وغيره


Miley Cyrus’s Hair Style A YES or NO?

Well In my Opinion I’d Say…. No? Yes? Maybe? I don’t accept it, i mean i’m not used to it but.. change is good but she changed completely in 180 Degrees !! When she chopped all of her hair off into a short blonde crop last month, she shocked the world.  The former Hannah Montana CHANGED!

Miley Cyrus and Ellen The Same HairCut #Comedy !

Miley Cyrus’ new haircut has set tongues wagging as she hit back at Twitter followers who criticised the short blonde pixie cut over the weekend, But one person who is a big fan of the latest look is fellow star Ellen DeGeneres.

The chat show host, decided to try the funky style out for herself in a bid to show her support for the actress and singer.

Miley Cyrus New Body Transformation.

She’s had something of a body transformation in recent months, shedding a lot of weight through her gluten-free diet and love of pilates classes.

And now, after all her hard work, Miley Cyrus is understandably keen to show off her newly-slim figure as much as possible.

The star yesterday took her dog for a walk in Los Angeles wearing little more than a tiny blue sports bra top and a pair of tight cropped black leggings, you can see the difference in the pictures below as well !

I Think Miley Cyrus Is Engaged.. – متوقعة ان مايلي سايريس ” هانا مونتانا ” مخطوبة

Miley Cyrus donned a pair of white pants as she prepared to board a flight out of Los Angeles.

Dressed in a orange T-shirt, boots and her short shorts, the teenage singer was snapped yesterday walking around the tarmac as a worker performed a safety check on the private jet Miley planned to take.

Before taking off, the 19-year-old sparked engagement rumours by posting a picture on-line of a huge sparkler on her ring finger.

Miley Cyrus Getting HATE Messages.

Miley Cyrus has never been one to sit quietly – she takes action.

True to form, the 19-year-old starlet has called out Twitter honchos after receiving a series of threatening messages on the social networking site.

She furiously demanded that they enforce special security measures after several haters urged her ‘to die’ and attacked her clothing choices.

Miley Cyrus Enjoys Her 127Thousand Mercedes Benz.

Miley Cyrus has splashed out $127,000 on a new car.

The 19-year-old star visited a Mercedes Benz dealership in Encino, California, last week and paid cash for a new white 2012 SL550 convertible which goes from 0-60mph in just 5.3 seconds.

Miley drove home in her new vehicle, while her bodyguard got behind the wheel of her old car to drive it back to her house, according to TMZ.

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