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Madonna’s ” The Confessions Tour ” Concert.

Her Voice is simply just unique and powerful, it’s like she’s singing through the video itself, i have been watching the concert for the straight 2 hours while i’m in the office Bored as hell, had an event today but i couldnt go..

Shakira – Bellydance live in Morocco (Mawazine festival 2011) .

i still think Shakira’s Belly Dancing Is Better Than Alot Of Other Pro Women, Because thats how shakira started to get famous, by Bely Dancing & I dont know but it’s rumored that Myriam Fares is The Arabian Shakira & She Trained Myriam To Belly Dance Because Each Other Mothers Are Lebanese & they’re Friends? I Don’t Know About This Rumor Because I Grew Up With It,

Other Than That There Aren’t Alot Of Women That Have Such A Pure Voice Live & Dance, I Mean See Shakira / Madonna / Lady Gaga! & See The Others, They Can Even Sing & Move Around.

Justin Bieber – Baby/ Never Say Never / OMG. (Live)

okay every single girl & SOME guys love him, but i dont find him that cool, he’s just too.. i dont know, but overall the preformance was awesome, im not gonna expose about it, so SEE IT 😛

Lady GaGa – Judas (Live).

first of all, i have never seen a freakish woman wearing such outfits & is proud of who she is except Lady GaGa, she said that: i’ve been called a freak since the day i was born, now look at me ? this freak is the POP queen of the World, so im going to be a freak for the rest of my career & i will never show my real hair! im always in wigs.

Ke$ha – Tik Tok. (Live)

Avril Lavigne – What The Hell (Live)

Selena Gomez – Love You Like A Love Song.

now all i can comment is on the LOW quality of her Live Voice! im really recommending that she just needs to improve her live preformances just like Madonna, see the difference between Old & new??

But Still Selena Is An AMAZING SINGER!