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Kelly Kelly Gives You A FREE Smile!

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Meet Kelly Kelly! Professional WWE Diva!

Kelly Kelly debuted in WWE in 2006. Prior to WWE she studied broadcasting and worked as a model for Hawaiian Tropic. Kelly started her WWE career on the main roster as part of ECW’s brand with Extreme Expose.

In 2008 she was drafted to Monday Night Raw and challenged for the WWE Divas title several times. In 2010 she was drafted to Smackdown. In 2011 she was drafted back to Raw. On June 20, 2011 the people spoke on a special Power to the People edition of Monday Night Raw. Kelly was selected by the WWE Universe to compete for the WWE Divas Championship against Brie Bella where she captured the WWE Divas Championship for the first time.

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Kelly Kelly Cries After Match.

@RealKellyKelly We saw this during the after match when Kelly Won Against Natalya & we Asked her if it was fake or was it real when you cried?

She replied:

” it was real & it hurt, that move made me cry while training it & at the same time the story line demanded that i have to cry/scream after match, So Natalya Did this move & i actually cried “

i’m so sad that the WWE is Using you as A Barbie Doll Kelly, We Really Hope Everything Changes.

Kelly Kelly Gets Aggressive For The First Time.

Kelly we didnt agree on that, Where’s the girl that doesn’t hurt a fly? where’s the girl that everyone loved? where’s the girl that made everyone feel special?? Watch The Video & See Why She Got Aggressive, Kelly! Do What’s RIGHT! Fried Junk! Is ON YOUR SIDE!

Interview With WWE Diva Kelly Kelly.

first of all, don’t ask how we reached her, We Sent the WWE A Message to interview a Diva, Any Diva & We Sent The Questions, & we got a reply from WWE Diva Kelly Kelly!

Were So Honored & Thrilled To have this Amazing Interview Such A Great Diva, & We Hope Your Gonna Like The Interview, Me & Friedy Are Really Great Fans Of Miss:Kelly Kelly,

& The Point Of The Interview Is, She explains why on earth she got into beating people up for a living.

& Here We GO!

1. Introduce Your Self.

first of all, surprise for not knowing who your gonna interview, its Kelly Kelly Former WWE Diva’s Champion getting interviewed by Fried Junk’s Blog’s Spot. & i can just say wow im really amazed on the blog & getting interviewed by Kuwait’s blog? we have been into Kuwait but i never realized we have fans there.

2. Why On Earth Did You Get In A Business To Get Beat Up For A Living?

why would i not want to beat up girls for a living haha, just kidding.
well i was 19, first year of collage & i was aside on Modeling and stuff while i watched wrestling when i was a kid,
then my agent called & said: the wwe is interested do you want to wrestle for a living? and i was like: why not? lets do it cuz i was like seeing all those women such as chyna, sable, theyre all beautiful and they kicked butt, so umm lets try it & here i am 5years later.

3. Who’s your Favorite Diva All Time Other Than YourSelf?

well my style is more than 1 diva & i could say a combination of Sable, Trish , Stacy, i also like to make a name for myself& watch old stuff , all of those girls wrestling & see what they did right, & try to imitate what they did. But My Favorite Diva All Time? Would be Trish Stratus, she’s the most women who has a Name in the Company & nearly every single Diva looks up to her as a role model & everyone’s reaching to her goal & achieving what she achieved, well thats mine. but i love Trish since before i came into this Business.

4. How Many Times Are You A Divas Champion?

according to the WWE Rules & Story Lines, I got Chance to be a WWE Diva’s Champ, its all about the moments & time but to me? i dont really have a goal to be a champion it’s just a name, but all of us are recieving the same attention, A SuperStar with a Belt is Like The Icing With The Cake, but other than that it’s cool to be champion & holding that belt & walking down the ramp, is such an AMAZING! feeling, Also i want to be one of the biggest superstars, & seeing the old divas how they went through & got a name, i want to be
just like that, how can you not want it

5. Other Hobbies Other Than Wrestling?

well i love something named gymnastics & cheerleading, back in my school days those were my hits, i was popular in school & now im popular to the World, a feeling i can’t get enough of.

6. How Can The WWE Fans Contact You?

WWE Fans, You Can ALWAYS contact Me On My Official Twitter Account & On WWE Universe.

7. What About Your Family? How Are They Supporting You?

First of All, yeah i got 1 sister no brothers, but she gets mad at me when i call her little, she’s 21 haha
my family is like my 1# fans they always show up in the shows, espacially when i have a match, plus my Grand Mother Who’s 80years old is my Number 1 Fan who comes to every single show & sits front row & She just gets into it.

8. Any Last Words?

its such a great interview & such a great feeling to know i have fans in Kuwait, also in the arabian countries, we have a name, & its spread world wide, Thank you So Much Fried Junk! for this oppurtunity!

Now That was a blast & such an honor to talk to 1 of my favorite celebrities, see this video for more information of Kelly Kelly, InRing Action!!!!