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Ke$ha Being Normal !

Any critics of her zany cornrow hairstyle on Thursday can now relax. On Saturday night, just two days later, Ke$ha’s famous blonde tresses were back to normal as she stepped out at Hakkasan Nightclub and Restaurant at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The singer was apparently throwing a surprise birthday party for one of her creative directors, according to Haute Living, and was sure to let her Twitter followers know she had an ‘amazing night’.



Ke$ha, What Were You Thinking? – كيشا, شكنتي قاعدة تفكرين فيه ليما لبستي هاللبس؟

The clock must have been ticking as Ke$ha prepared for her outing in Beverly Hills on Monday night, The singer apparently didn’t have the time to find something to wear on her bottom half, instead opting of a Lady Gaga-inspired look with a pair of black and gold pants, In reality, her look was clearly intentional – and ensured all eyes were on her as she promoted the new Baby G watch line design!

Ke$ha’s New HairStyle.

Lady Gaga’s stunts and Nicki Minaj’s multi-coloured hair, it’s hard for young talent to stand out from the crowd.

Short of dressing like a bank manager, there’s almost nowhere left to go… but that hasn’t stopped Ke$ha from trying.

Ke$ha tweeted a picture of her new hairstyle, well, we say hair but it also involves metal studs.

She’s Replacing Her HairStyle With Metal Studs, Crazier? Just like Gaga’s Extra Bones to Promote Born This Way Album.

Ke$ha Talks About Glee’s Cover Of ” Tik Tok “

Puking HAHA! Grey Also? a5bal min Ke$ha & Gaga Mako xD

Ke$ha – Tik Tok. (Live)