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Have You Seen Roar By Katy Perry Yet?

She has been through a painful two years with the very public failure of her short-lived marriage to comedian and actor Russell Brand.  But if there was ever any doubt that Katy Perry would bounce back with a vengeance, the singer has quashed them all with her latest video for her song Roar.  The star becomes the queen of the jungle in the video, taking on the perils of the wild and eventually winning – all by herself.

But is this a sign of no more illuminate?



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Britney Spears Spots Katy Perry In Smurfs 2 Premier.

Maybe Nobody knows that Smurfette is Katy Perry… but we all do now don’t we?

Britney Said: ” So great to see you Smurfette Katy Perry! Can’t wait for our Vegas date… “


Here’s The Trailer Of The New Smurfs Movie !

Katy Perry ‘avoiding Rihanna because she doesn’t approve of Chris Brown’

Katy Perry is avoiding Rihanna following her reconciliation with Chris Brown, it has been claimed. It has emerged that the former best pals fell out because of the Stay singer’s October reconciliation with Chris Brown, who is still on probation for beating her in 2009. And it seems the fall out is permanent – with Katy reportedly making a special request to be seated nowhere near the couple at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night. A source told ‘They aren’t tight anymore because Katy doesn’t approve of Rihanna dating Chris Brown.’


Katy Perry’s Supporting Barrak Obama !!

She was the star performance at the Obama concert in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, Next to Barack Obama’s name, the check box was filled in – leaving fans with no doubt as to who Katy would be voting for, And as well as showing her own support for Obama to continue as President, Katy also took the opportunity to encourage younger people to vote.

Why Are You Covering Your Hair Katy Perry?

The day before they were dressed up to enjoy a lunch and a late night dinner to celebrate his 35th birthday, But on Wednesday, it was a different story as Katy Perry and John Mayer left his Downtown apartment to jet out of New York, The pop star opted to cover her face with her hair, flopping her raven-coloured tresses over her face.

Katy Perry, What Were You Thinking?

Katy Perry looked like a robot (complete with mechanical pose) upon arriving at the 2012 Echo Awards in Berlin on Thursday evening. The pop tart paired her mirrored Paco Rabanne mini with an equally ridiculous, blue, Lucille Ball-like coif and mismatched Louboutin pumps.

Katy Perry tries out ANOTHER new look!

She loves to experiment with her hair and has dyed her locks many different colours of the rainbow, And now Katy Perry has changed her look yet again for her latest magazine shoot, The star can be seen with flaming orange tresses on the cover of the September issue of French magazine L’Officiel Paris.

4 Of Katy Perry’s Tattoo’s !

Katy Perry’s quirky and original tattoos stand out from other people’s ink choices. Her most strangest is perhaps her ‘Jesus’ wrist tattoo which constantly reminds her on her very religious upbringing. She also has a cute strawberry tattoo on one ankle, and in 2011 added a peppermint swirl with a face to her other ankle. Her most romantic tattoo is one which reads ‘go with the flow’ in sanskrit – her husband at the time Russell Brand has a matching tattoo of this so it clearly has a deep meaning for the former couple – will she get it removed now that they’re no longer together? Take a look at all of Katy’s unique and wonderful body art below!

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Katy Perry Looking Gorgeous !

she has been in the public eyes for a long time, from her split to her problems then to her concerts & movies and also her new music,

Being in the public eye often requires the art of reinvention And Katy Perry certainly commanded attention this evening in a sensational flapper dress she attended a party held by the City of Hope’s Music And Entertainment Industry Group in which this year’s Spirit of Life award was presented to Bob Pittman, Clear Channel CEO.


Katy Perry Changed To Brown Hair !

Forget the blue hair and the gorgeous yet amazing French beau, Katy Perry has gone to the dark side.

Gone are the bubblegum dresses and short bob, swapped for a Harley Davidson and a mass of brown hair… Why The Bad Side Katy WHYY??

The singer has been working on her latest project which so far involves bikes and a lot of smouldering looks at the camera.

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