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#Junky: I’m A Wrestling Freak!

I Have been Asked numerous Times what’s my Hobby, well It’s NOT Cooking ;P it’s something other than Cooking 360Degrees! it’s Wrestling, YES Wrestling! I’d Love To Thank @Torrie11 For The amazing Tutoring for those 8years about Wrestling & about what you need to know mostly about wrestling, Yes i wrestle like a WWE SuperStar No I’m Not John Cena but i am Fan Of His But i have my Own Style in the Ring, you can’t just simply go in there & copy the big ones, you want People to Copy You Just Like them!

So The First Of All Is That, Alot Of People Saying that Wrestling is something your not gonna get benefit from, I Say? Bull Sh*t ! Wrestling Might Be Fake, But we stand there training for hours just Like a football match, we train from before & we train on a daily base just to get fit! we get Injured Faster than any Player out there, one wrong Move? & your gonna get something broken in your body!

those are some of the wrestling moves i had done to eliminate my opponent when training with @Torrie11 ? Those Moves? Are SIMPLE haha HipHip to #36 In The Video, That’s My Finisher & @Torrie11 ‘s Too 😀