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Interview With @WeddingPlanQ8 – مقابلة مع منسقة ومنظمة حفلات

We Had the chance to interview ” well let’s not say chance ” my beautiful friend, and well, it’s a miniature interview with Mrs Kuwait’s, ” GULF ” Wedding Planner!


What does a wedding planner do? 

Well, that is a tough question to answer. From wedding to wedding, the job of a wedding planner is never the same. But the goal is. The goal is to help the bride and groom have the best wedding experience possible.

Most wedding planners begin the planning process with a consultation. During the consultation, we determine what exactly the client’s needs are in terms of planning and coordination. This usually comes down to a decision between full planning or day-of coordination.

After we determine the level of planning that will work best for their wedding, we discuss all of the traditional services that we can provide as a planner. The list can be long and includes items such as assisting in the selection of vendors and venues, creating and managing the time-line, design and décor, coordination of set up and tear down, placement and transportation of traditional items, cueing of wedding party and musicians, etc.

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Interview With @LanaAlResheed ! – مقابلة مع لنا الرشيد

I had the chance to interview one of the most amazing people, you’ll ever want to know and well let’s just say the person that nearly all kuwait knows from her amazing attitude, optimistic, She Said: ” nothing can stop myway, I love discovering new things, I believe I’ll leave a footprint in this world ” And She Already has left the strongest footprint you’ll ever want to know, i’d give her an award for that! Let’s know More About Lana In The interview!


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Interview With @Cute2Eat_Bakery

We had the beautiful chance, to meet and greet the owner of Cute2Eat_Bakery, Reem Al Failakawy, who’s really unique in what she does, and well let’s just say we loved her work!


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Interview With Torrie Wilson About Her Last Experiance Also She Added: ” I’m Done With Wrestling “

Q&A with Torrie Wilson

I conducted a phone interview with former WWE diva Torrie Wilson, who talked about her runner-up finish on the NBC reality show I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here, as well as her negative experience doing the divas battle royal at WrestleMania XXV last April, yet she was the most stunning superstar out there, not for me knowing her personally but actually her being my idol ;P


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Interview With One Of The Grand Daughter Whom Her Family invented Thr Quality Street ” Mackintosh ” – مقابلة مع احدى حفيدات صانعي كاكاو ماكنتوش

The star of reality show Made In Chelsea on being an exhibitionist, getting bullied at boarding school and why she isn’t as wealthy as people think she is

‘I’m comfortable, but I don’t live a flash life,’ said Millie Mackintosh

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Interview With Steffan Jude, Sports Management !

Well i got the chance to interview someone interesting while i was in Europe, it’s Steffan Jude Who Studies Sports Management

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Interview: SoCopyRights + Surprise For The Bloggers.

First Of All Have You Heard Of SoCopyRights? They Can Take ALL Your Pictures & Combine Them Into 1 Big Picture, From Far It Looks A Normal Picture But If You Zoom In ? You Can See Allll The Pictures You Put Or Made Of, So We Met Up With Owner Of SoCopyRights & interviewed Her & By That She Made Me Something i’m never going to forget & at the Same TIme? A Gift To BLOGGERS, it may not be big? but it’s cool 😉
1. Introduce Yourself.
– My Name is Shoug I’m 20 Years Old I’m a Student at CBS.
2. How Did You Start This Business?
– I Started This Business By Creating Pictures To My Friend Then People started to ask for There Own.
3. How Did The Idea Come To You?
I Loved to collect my pictures into albums then i noticed some of pictures are missing then i started to put them into my laptop files,Hard Drives and flash memories but those stuff have issues like they can be lost or broken it Also can contain viruses .. so i thought why dont i print my whole pictures and stick them into my wall !! But that will cost me Alot but what About a Super Huge Picture Containing All My Pictures so i can hang it on my wall .. Its a Crazy idea but i did my searches And here i am With a Unique Idea ;$
4. Who Were Your Supporters?
– MyFamily.
5. What’s Your Main Goal?
– My Goal is to Make People good Memories last Longger so they can see it all the time hanged there on there wall in a good unique way 😀
6. When Customer’s Come To You.. What Are The Most Pictures They Tell You To Make?
– They Ask for There Own Pictures, Friends Pictures For Gifts And For Bussiness Commercials.
7. What Are You Prices?
– The Prices Depends on The Hight And Wedth Of the Picture You Want And With or With Out a Frame.
For Example :
90cm  x  90cm = 25Kd     – With Frame = 40Kd
100cm x 100cm = 30Kd   – With Frame = 45Kd
150cm x 150cm = 50Kd   – With Frame = 65Kd
8. What Do You Recommend , When People Come To You, They Give It To Who?
I Recommend to make a Big Pictures Because The Bigger is Better and Clearer Also More than 30 Pictures. 
– They can send them by Email or put it on a flash memory and give it to me i Work on it i Deliever it .. Its all by me;).

9. Any Last Words?
Follow us on Twitter For More Information @soCopyrights
Or Visit our website : For Samples.

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Interview With FRANKOM.

Its Really An Honor To Interview Such A Great Kuwaiti Blogger Goes By The Name Of @Frankom, & well im sure everyone knows the Blog But we wanted to know More About the Person Blogging Behind The World Of Frankom!
1. Introduce Yourself.
FRANKOM” is a blog for a Kuwaiti man; married with two little kids. I’m an outgoing person, and like socializing. I enjoy beingphysically active; From time to time, I spend half hour for walking or biking; this makes me feel comfortable. In my spare time, I like staying at home with my family. I relaxed by listening to my favorite songs.
2. When did you start the blog?
I have been blogging since eight years. Back then, there were not as much blogs. The majority of blog posts were about political & local affairs, yet I have chosen another track in blogging; I post multiple topics; photos, entries of commentary, description of events, and other materials such as graphics or videos.
3. what caught your eye to start a blog?
I was fascinated by two blogs for a Kuwaiti blogger called Athbi, and a female blogger. Since then, I have started to blog short posts about the incidents I’ve been through in my life.
4. what was your first post if you can think of it? send
First post was about the gifts I have received in my birthday.
5. what are your hobbies other than blogging? we want to know more about you.
I work in the private sector; my job is my passion. I have bachelor’s degree in Economics and Accounting.. My hobbies include playing football, surfing the internet, riding motorcycles, travelling, photography & shopping.
6. who were your supporters first & now
My parents especially my mother played a major role in keeping me in the blog track. They encouraged me to write my diary. My wife also inspires me with new and innovative topics to write about in FRANKOM. Also, my friends provide me always with photos or videos for the blog.
7. why did you name your blog ” Frankom “
FRANKOM is initials of my friends in the high school. We have been blogging during the high school. After years, I have decided to manage the blog myself.
8. Anything you’d like to say?
I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude for giving me the chance to introduce myself.

Interview With WWE Diva Kelly Kelly.

first of all, don’t ask how we reached her, We Sent the WWE A Message to interview a Diva, Any Diva & We Sent The Questions, & we got a reply from WWE Diva Kelly Kelly!

Were So Honored & Thrilled To have this Amazing Interview Such A Great Diva, & We Hope Your Gonna Like The Interview, Me & Friedy Are Really Great Fans Of Miss:Kelly Kelly,

& The Point Of The Interview Is, She explains why on earth she got into beating people up for a living.

& Here We GO!

1. Introduce Your Self.

first of all, surprise for not knowing who your gonna interview, its Kelly Kelly Former WWE Diva’s Champion getting interviewed by Fried Junk’s Blog’s Spot. & i can just say wow im really amazed on the blog & getting interviewed by Kuwait’s blog? we have been into Kuwait but i never realized we have fans there.

2. Why On Earth Did You Get In A Business To Get Beat Up For A Living?

why would i not want to beat up girls for a living haha, just kidding.
well i was 19, first year of collage & i was aside on Modeling and stuff while i watched wrestling when i was a kid,
then my agent called & said: the wwe is interested do you want to wrestle for a living? and i was like: why not? lets do it cuz i was like seeing all those women such as chyna, sable, theyre all beautiful and they kicked butt, so umm lets try it & here i am 5years later.

3. Who’s your Favorite Diva All Time Other Than YourSelf?

well my style is more than 1 diva & i could say a combination of Sable, Trish , Stacy, i also like to make a name for myself& watch old stuff , all of those girls wrestling & see what they did right, & try to imitate what they did. But My Favorite Diva All Time? Would be Trish Stratus, she’s the most women who has a Name in the Company & nearly every single Diva looks up to her as a role model & everyone’s reaching to her goal & achieving what she achieved, well thats mine. but i love Trish since before i came into this Business.

4. How Many Times Are You A Divas Champion?

according to the WWE Rules & Story Lines, I got Chance to be a WWE Diva’s Champ, its all about the moments & time but to me? i dont really have a goal to be a champion it’s just a name, but all of us are recieving the same attention, A SuperStar with a Belt is Like The Icing With The Cake, but other than that it’s cool to be champion & holding that belt & walking down the ramp, is such an AMAZING! feeling, Also i want to be one of the biggest superstars, & seeing the old divas how they went through & got a name, i want to be
just like that, how can you not want it

5. Other Hobbies Other Than Wrestling?

well i love something named gymnastics & cheerleading, back in my school days those were my hits, i was popular in school & now im popular to the World, a feeling i can’t get enough of.

6. How Can The WWE Fans Contact You?

WWE Fans, You Can ALWAYS contact Me On My Official Twitter Account & On WWE Universe.

7. What About Your Family? How Are They Supporting You?

First of All, yeah i got 1 sister no brothers, but she gets mad at me when i call her little, she’s 21 haha
my family is like my 1# fans they always show up in the shows, espacially when i have a match, plus my Grand Mother Who’s 80years old is my Number 1 Fan who comes to every single show & sits front row & She just gets into it.

8. Any Last Words?

its such a great interview & such a great feeling to know i have fans in Kuwait, also in the arabian countries, we have a name, & its spread world wide, Thank you So Much Fried Junk! for this oppurtunity!

Now That was a blast & such an honor to talk to 1 of my favorite celebrities, see this video for more information of Kelly Kelly, InRing Action!!!!