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I Won With @PopcornopolisKW ! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Well On Friday there was a ” mazaj ” competition where popcornopolis twitter said: Feekom mosaba8a? i was like: SUREE! bas 6ab3an i didn’t tweet it so i waited for it to come & the question Was: When Was Popcornoplis Opened In Kuwait?

That Was EASY! 6th Of November 2011, the same timeย  i saw the Za7ma in Avenues towards the store, that day i couldn’t forget because it’s My Friends Birthday.. Happy Birthday TomTom!

So well thank you! & I Decided to Share a Few Pictures of I Got From Them… Be Ready!! I Loved It Popcornoplis, One Of My Favorite Popcorns that reminds me always of the good times!

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Gift: @HeavenlyBagels #JOY

They’re Modo: ” Allow Us To Take You To Cloud 9 “…. is THERE ANY MORE CLOUDS?? because i fell in-love from the first bite, each Bagel had a certain type of taste & a world of it’s own, mashallah It was AMAZING! Thank You Mishari , ” Owner Of Heavenly Bagels ” Has sent me a box & starters also salads to try out , they were really astonishing with each having it’s own taste & every single bagel burger had it’s own story, yet again i ate 2 for dinner & ate an other 2 for breakfast at school.. Friedy took it with her to Work, & We fought over the Lovely Nutty Nutella ! ya36eeek alf 3ayfa mesharey! tislam eedik !!! we Loved The Bagels!

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Gift: Gawaher Sweets.

I Recieved This Gift To Try The New Way ” Chocolates ” Since i’m into Cakes & Chocolate Mainly.. i got this to give you a full opinion on them, to be honest? it’s like eating that chocolate but it’s transferred into a Cake! ya3ni mashallah its REALLY GOOD!!! that’s the only thing i can say.. & i loved most the bounty because i love White chocolate, White Chocolate is my Thing!! #Junky! wallah i dig it ๐Ÿ˜›

Contact: #69911937 – #99896380

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Gift: @DippedDates_ .

Before A Few Days, i Went back home & i got this Black Bag On My Bed… I Recieved a Gift From Dipped Dates , For Being An Amazing Blogger & Having A Food Blog ๐Ÿ˜› Which The Name Is Different & The Concept Is Different haha, I Just Really Like To Thank Them , Because I Honestly Dislike Dates But I Had To Try them To give you my Opinion.. To be Honest? How Can I Say This? Amazing? Flawless? I LOVED They’re Dates! They’re SuperSonic!!!! I Took Them to My Grand Mother to the other day, & eventually all of them finished thank GOD i tried some ๐Ÿ˜›

ya36eekom il 3afya Dipped Dates! We Love Your Dates!!

Contact: 555267272 – 66569511

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Gift: The November Bakery.

A few days ago i wrote i wanted a Red Velvet Cake, & TheNovember Bakery Heard me so They gave Me a Red Velvet Cake, i can simply say… YUM! 1 of the best red velvet cakes i EVER tasted…. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!! Simply Flawlesssssss !

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Gift: @PopUp_kw ! Popcorn!

we’d like to the thank them for the amazing gift they have sent us! 2 Kinds of AMAZINGALY Popcorn that i always lick my fingers after each bite < 3

We Recieved: Chilli Cheese & Oreo PopCorn, I LOVED The Chilli Cheese, it wasn’t that spicy & had cheese.. it was a ting of Spices YUM! the oreo was VERRRRYYY Sweeeeeeeeet, if your a sweet person? i’d totally recommand it!

& also for they’re perfect Cookies who’s been cooked by Love & Care! & i don’t like alll kind of cookies except the one’s that are choowy & yummy! i can’t really stop from thanking them ๐Ÿ˜› #Thanks! HipHip!

Follow Them On Twitter: Twitter

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