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My Articles In P2BK November Issue !

I chose those 2 articles because in november, i got the most views on those 2, A Fashion Article, & A Fooooood Article, Which Did You Like Best? i got comments on the doughnuts side, the beautiful colored part.. yummmyyy try them!


Check Out My Article For This Month In The City Magazine !

This Month I Wrote about ” how to achieve your dreams ” with a few simple steps to achieve them, and trust me, they will help you alot in your daily life, I followed these steps to achieve mine, ofcourse with the help and support I received from people, ” feel special no matter what happens, your born for a reason, created to follow a path of your own, you were meant to be, never underestimate yourself “


Don’t Forget To Check Out TheCity Magazine!

Don’t forget about October, and don’t forget about the issue! check out my Article in it for October’s HALLOWEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!

Were On TheAvenues Magazine! September 2012 Issue!!

WERE ON IT! Check It Out!!

I Will Be Interviewed On ABC / NBC / FOX / CBS ! #I’mPROUD!!!

Check This Email i have recieved On My Email !!! YES IM PROUD

My TV Interview ” Fried Junk ” ! – مقابلة صاحب مشروع فرايد جنك لقلي الكاكاو

First Kuwaiti Teenager ” Mohammed Al Rasheed ” That Fries Chocolate!

Enjoy My TV Interview!

صاحب اصغر واول مشروع كويتي من واحد عمره 15 سنة ” محمد الرشيد ” صاحب مشروع ” فرايد جنك ” لقلي الكاكاو

What Is Fried Junk?

I Have been asked that : people don’t know what Fried Junk is… Well it’s Simple, I Fry Chocolate , That’s Fried Junk.. that’s all.. i’m Only 15 Tara ;P

I Fry

Mars – Galaxy Caramel – White Chocolate – Oreo’s – Snickers – Mars – Twix .. That’s All..

Parties ONLY! We do not deliver or Pick up, yet ;P

To Conact Us &  Be Updated With our blog posts & upcoming expo’s:

Twitter: @Fried_Junk


Instagram: FriedJunk


Fried Junk? Our Fried Delight!!

YUM!!! To Order For PARTIES ONLY: #97475535

Fried Junk! On Student Talk Magazine!

Were On Student Talk Magazine! Bloggers That Stand Our! & This Month’s Issue Is Fried Junk! Enjoy !!

Would You Like To Become A Guest Writer On ?

Me & Friedy Have Been Thinking That We should start having random guest writers on our blog, To give people a chance to write About Reviews / Any Maw’9oo3 ibalhom 7atan law shay 3adi to see people’s opinion about what they wrote,  to Share it with the World ! 3ndikom a good cause you want to promote oo want to write about it 7ata law 3an a recipe you did  !

  Awshay 9arlkom on the street AY SHAYY 3adiiii If your interested send an email to :, oo inshalla it will be posted, ANYONE can send an email also you can know a post is by a guest writer it will have his full name at the bottom of the post & his twitter account.