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What does Nutella Contain? – ماذا النوتيلا يحتوي

Nutella is basically being boycotted around the globe, and everyone knows how much it is hurting everyone from the inside. As much as everyone loves the Chocolate Hazelnut spread, however, this seems to be a little bit hard to get and understand when it comes to Nutella itself.


Fruits & Chocolate ?!

Alot of people only eat fruits when their related to chocolate, and i’m one of those people who only eat fruits when chocolate is around ” i eat mangoes alone ” but the other fruits has to have a little sweetness to them, even though some are sweet but i just can’t eat them without a chocolate base or a little sugar to them, but you arrange them into an edible arrangement so you CAN EAT THEM WITH PRIDE, again their fruits and they are healthy < 33333

Fruity Chocolate

Ice Cream Anyone ?!

What Your Favorite Type of Ice Cream? well let’s just say every other single flavor in the world except the salt flavor, blackpepper and well wasabi… i don’t know about you guys but i think EVERYTHING can become a flavor on an ice cream, i love the taste of it, it just makes you so sweet and warm inside ” yes i know it’s cold ” but hey! who doesn’t love ice cream? Whats Your Favorite Flavor?!

Ice Cream

Cinescape = I Love You .

The great thing about the cinema’s in kuwait is the scrumptious food, yes i love their food ” PLEASE ADD FRENCH FRIES ” the food is extremely tasty in my opinion ” as a snack ” the popcorn and the Nachos combinations, the sweetness of the popcorn and the spicy of the chilli yum, just yum! Does Your Momma know that your out? eating all these guilty pleasures? if yes then congratulations .


Breakfast Joint ” @CavalliCaffe “

How about trying out Cavalli for a breakfast change? do you want to enjoy a luxurious atmosphere and eat like a king or queen? ” shda3wa ” bas ya3ni tashbeeh tamtheeli.. anyways, Cavalli is the place to enjoy an amazing breakfast atmosphere, feels like a european feeling or let’s just say an out door experience, how? you just can’t stop from having the amazing tastes, EVEN the bread tastes amazing ” i heard they bake their own ….

” Located In The Avenues – Grand Avenues “

Cavalli Cafe

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@ChocolatenessKW‎ Anyone ?!

From a Molten Cake Business, To one of the successful business’s in Kuwait, that nearly all the business’s look up to!

Their Desserts were underestimated, that’s what their made, ” Desserts ” that’s well the real meaning i’m speaking about, a dessert should be something sweet and loving, you can’t just add chocolate to any dish and call that a dessert, THOSE were the creators of the moltens, those were the starters of such a ” HABA ” nowadays, yes i will be launching 3 new golden moltens, but they won’t be like your traditional molten cakes like Chocolateness ” avoid copying and be special , 1# Rule in the Business industry ” but overall, i totally recommend, Readers, FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS JOINT!


” Chocolateness is an exciting new concept managed by Kuwaiti youth. In 2007, four young entrepreneurs undertook an experiment in business. The product was an unbelievably rich and tempting chocolate molten cake. It had been lovingly baked and served at family dinners and on special occasions for generations. This business venture, a booth at a carnival selling this epicurean dessert, lasted only two days. In that brief time, the young entrepreneurs were overwhelmed by the public reaction to this decadent treat. Now, a few short years later, they have supplied its deliciousness to thousands of customers all around Kuwait. How? They were invited to festivals and carnivals all over the country. People could not get enough. To please the palate of thousands of eager Kuwait citizens, the young men agreed to bake and deliver this delight to clients at their homes.  “

T.G.I Friday’s Red Velvet Volcano ?!

Impressing me by the Moment by Dear FRIDAY’s. it used to be my FAVORITE fastfood joint, the atmosphere and the birthdays are just amazing, you can’t imagine how it was amazing.. yes it was! anyways this is a red velvet treat, as my readers know about me, i love red velvet and i can’t live without it, for reality and honesty


Red Velvet Volcano

A Rainbow Layered Cake..

Imagine yourself in wonderland, what would you wish for?

happiness? exposure? love? or how about we say Cakes, rainbow cakes, i love rainbow cakes honestly, a rainbow makes my day alot! you can’t imagine, i love colors, cuz each color represents a feeling or let’s say a mood..  ” My two favorite colors of the rainbow are gold and leprechaun ” so what about you?

Rainbow cake

3-Ingredient Chocolate Fudge Recipe – No-bake

The American chocolate fudge is very simple and easy treat for any day. Enjoy creamy texture of luxurious dark chocolate fudge.


CC: Eugenie Kitchen

Anyone Up For The BEST Italian Food ?!

Johnny Carino’s MY BABY!

I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD, Anyone Does Over Here? well apparently nearly all Kuwaiti’s Do or let’s just expand the idea to all ARABS, and the WorldWide Nation Of The World and The Galaxy and Aliens from Italian Orgins and Aliens From Arab Orgins and bla bla bla…

anywho back to the topic.. Italian food is based on the sauces, the dough and the meat that’s being added to the dishes, imagine all that = a perfect taste to over come what you want, Johnny Carinos actually made that happen, now i love food alot and imagine all the tastes that you love is combined into one world, of yumminess! like OMG WOW!


Johnny Carino's