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Paranormal Activity 4 tops US box office!

Paranormal Activity 4 debuted at No. 1 with $30.2 million, according to studio estimates Sunday

@CinescapeQ8 New Marvel Films Announced! Upcoming In Kuwait SOON!

The Marvel universe is about to really blow up.

In addition to announcing the official names of the Thor and Captain America sequels

Thor: The Dark World

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Marvel announced two new films in the works during what was ostensibly a panel devoted to Iron Man 3 tonight at Comic-Con.

Guess again! The capacity crowd was even treated to footage from one of the new (yet familiar to comics readers) characters already!

برج الحمراء ينتقل من الشرق الى مانهاتن

برج خليفة في دبي ليس المبنى الوحيد في المنطقة الذي أخذ نصيبه من الأضواء في أفلام هوليوود، فقد تفاجأ رواد السينما في الكويت مؤخرا عندما شاهدوا برج الحمراء في فيلم سبايدرمان الجديد لكن بموقع واسم مختلفين، فالبرج الداكن الذي ظهر في مشاهد كثيرة ومهمة في الفيلم لا وجود له بنيويورك في الحقيقة وهو تصميم غرافيكس مستوحى من برج الحمراء في الكويت، والذي يعد أكبر برج خرساني في المنطقة، والثاني على مستوى العالم

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Daily Fact: Top Cinema Go-Ers In The World – معلومة اليوم: اكثر الناس يروحون السينما بالعالم


Today’s Fact & It’s Really WEIRD! Is The Top Cinema Go-Ers.. Kuwait Is Not 1 Of Them Because Were Only 2Million & we count as 1 of the cities in the top cinema go-ers haha! your gonna laugh from the results & they are!

The Top Cenima Go-Ers In the world Are…

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Its a song from Lord of the Rings!

So beautiful !

How Lord of The Rings Should Have Ended ?

LOL! what would happen if it really ended in that way! XD

Free Movies Online?

kint 7adi mishtihi ashoof film mo mga6a3 wala shay..  oo feeh WAYED sites 7ag hal salfa, bas kila only streaming in the states wela not availible in Our country, laish i7na ib mars mathalan?? anywho i talked to my friends about it & it seems the sites they were seeing too are either blocked or no longer availible until i talked to my Cousin & She Said She watches films 3ala hal site:

dashaita oo shifta oo kan 7ada 5a6eer, kil shay wa’9i7, mo mga6a3 oo bsir3a yamshi il stream. i highly Reccomend To See it bil bait + sh7aga nroo7 il cinema ba3ad?? ;P

Review: The Ramen Girl.

Now This Movie Might Be A Bit Old, But its So Funny How An American Girl Doesn’t Know Any Japanese But She Still Continued To Fullfill Her Dream, To Become a Ramen Chef. Its Really A Funny Movie & Romantic! I Really Recommand It. I’d Give It A 4.5/5 !!


Review: The Rise Of Planet Of The Apes.

Ana 3an Nafsi, tiwa83ta wayed a7la oo a8wa, bas ma 9ar ili ohma katbeena: Rise of Planet Of The Apes? all i saw was a Chimp Invasion hatha ili 9ar, bas kan wayed ye5ari3 ya3ni bas mojarad agool: sob7an allah oo ma agdar atkalam 3ana zyada leana a5af a5arib 3alaikom il film 😛

bas mojarad agool: tiwa83ta a7la wil Title mo nafs ma ohma katbeena, leeh al7een 7ilo, 8i9a 7ilwa oo 8air 3an the old film leana kan ibali nafs il 8adeem chithi laish kint mitwa83a wayed a7la.

Grave Encounters Trailer.