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Ellen’s Failed Attempt at ‘The Voice’

The new reality show “The Voice” has become a big hit. Ellen was originally one of the celebrity coaches, but based on this previously unseen clip, it didn’t work out too well!

Miley Cyrus and Ellen The Same HairCut #Comedy !

Miley Cyrus’ new haircut has set tongues wagging as she hit back at Twitter followers who criticised the short blonde pixie cut over the weekend, But one person who is a big fan of the latest look is fellow star Ellen DeGeneres.

The chat show host, decided to try the funky style out for herself in a bid to show her support for the actress and singer.

Ellen Shopping In HollyWood.

TV host Ellen DeGeneres shopping in Hollywood, without bags without nothing just the Simple guy look! she’s married to a Girl.. & what more do you want me to say? but She’s one of the most popular Women in The WORLD! she’s the Next Oprah but she’s the opposite of Oprah, She’s FUN , FUNNY , & Extremly Friendly !!!!!

Ellen’s Best Hidden Camera Pranks!

Ellen remembered some of her favorite hidden camera moments from her segment, “Ellen in My Ear.” From J.Lo to Dennis Quaid, these are some of the funniest moments we’ve seen so far!

Ellen Reveals Celebrity Baby Name Secret

I LAUGHED ! + LAUGHED! + LAUGHED! & can’t stop laughing! that’s REALLY Funnnyyyyyyyyyy , who ever calls Ellen not funny doesn’t have sense of humor!

The Girls Are Back On Ellen But This Time They Meet Rihanna..

Sophia Grace and Rosie Meet Rihanna & That Laughble Moment When She Said: “I’M LIKE A SACK OF POTATO’S

Ellen Learns to Belly Dance.

i never get tired of Ellen , She is HILARIOUS! & now learning to belly dance? that’s so cool .. = Belly Dance + Ellen Style = LOL.

Ellen Owns Oprah’s Network!

Since Ellen won her bet with Oprah (that Oprah may or may not have known about), Ellen has taken control of the OWN network. Today, she called the network headquarters to get the transition going!