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Selena Gomez’s Birthday Cake!

Selena Shared her Birthday Cake with the World On Instagram, She Said: ‎”beyond blessed, so much love. Thank you for the most incredible birthday yet! I’m truly, truly grateful. I love my family, friends and all of you”

We Wish her a Happy and Wonderful Birthday! and have an amazing Year!

Disney Princess’s Brought To Life – اميرات ديزني صاروا حيين

Millions of little girls across the world are smitten with Disney’s beautiful princesses, & Just wish to be one, how about them Becoming into real Life? what will the girls be? & become?

From Sleeping Beauty to Princess Jasmine and Belle, the images of these animated beauties, with their flaxen-haired, full lips and impossible proportions, have become iconic thanks to the popularity of the Disney films in which they star!

And now, thanks to the skill of U.S. photographer and Disney character artist Ryan Astamendi, their beauty has been brought to life.

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Timon & Bumba < 3

How Can You NOT Love This Creature?

The Lion King may have been stolen from a 1950s Japanese anime series!

1950's Japanese series called 'Kima the white lion'

The Lion King wasn’t released until 1994. The original Japanese anime series was called Kimba the White Lion. Kimba-Simba…coincidence? Simba was referred to as Kimba in earlier drafts and concept art showed him as a white lion! Other similarities between the cartoons include a wise baboon and a wart hog.

Both have scenes in a valley of bones and sport a large rock from which the lion king perches. They also both have a lion speaking from the sky and very similar speaking lines. 

& They Still Lie That The ” Madeenat Al Tarfeehiya 7ilwa ” – ومازالو يجذبون علينا ان مدينة الترفيهية حلوة

They still Lie to us that Madeenat al tarfeehiya is good & flawless & they’re improving it .. while im seeing there doing NOTHING to do! i just want you to see between our Kuwait Sindbad & A Disney Ride..The Little Mermaid Right.. Bas Shoofaw il farg mabeekom t8aririooooon! ga9een 3alain ib 3 al3aab wil baji 5arbaneen .. oo yaboon seya7a WAIN GA3DEEEEENNN??????

Disney Cruise Line Top Five: Family Activities on a Disney Ship!

I just Want to go to this Cruise SHIP!

What are the favorite things that Disney cruisers like to do? That’s a question we get a lot, so rather than tell you, we’ll show you!

This month we introduced the Disney Cruise Line Top Five video series, giving you a glimpse of the can’t-miss adventures in the Alaskan ports of Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan.

Now we’ll give you the top picks of must-do activities on a Disney ship – for families, children and adults – chosen by Disney Cruise Line fans!

We’ll start with this video of the top five fan favorites for your entire family. Check it out and then tell us, what are your top five?

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Disney Cruise – كروز لدزني

Abiiiii ! it’s a cruise for kids, 9ij ana kbeera bas yewanis! i mean its every kids dream to go Disney Land or a Disney Cruise!

Disney Channel Stars Transformation Throught The Years..

This is insane. Did you know that our fave former tween queens are now all between the ages of 18 & 19?? We couldn’t believe how much each of the girls has grown. At least till we saw the latest pics from Victoria Justice‘s Interview mag shoot. Seriously, Vicky’s so hot now! So we’re gonna get a little nostalgic on you guys, mmkay? We found vintage photos of VJ, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miranda Cosgrove and Debby Ryan, and propped them up next to some of their 2011 mag shots. Peep all their stunning transformations!

Victoria Justice
Can you believe this girl used to play kooky Lola Martinez on Zoey 101?!

Celebrities Then and Now

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New Disney Channel Star Into The illuminati World (:

This is China Anne McClain, Disney’s newest Starlet. It didn’t take them long to give her a video rife with symbolism. Let’s have a look shall we?

You probably noticed the obvious things yourself, but there’s an underlying meaning behind it, which is reminiscent of Selena Gomez’s “Naturally” video. (Analysis in The Entertainer’s Message Part 1 – but in Disney Tricks Part 4 I will be analyzing it a lot clearer).

First, let’s go over the obvious.

China dancing on the Masonic Floor

Look behind her…

Very clever

Let’s look at this video in a different perspective. Like Selena Gomez, China has to go through ‘Stages’ in order to become successful. This video has similar imagery to Gomez’s “Naturally”, which I will be using as example. At the beginning, China is auditioning for her Ant Farm Budz… to View Selena’s Part Click To Read More!

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Disney Channel illuminati Tricks.

now! I’ll be sharing with you some of the symbolism that will be shown. This preview is about the Phineas & Ferb: Across the Second Dimension movie. The movie goes like this: Phineas & Ferb build something that takes them to an alternate dimension, and in this dimension The Evil Guy (Doofenshmirtz) rules over the Tri-State area. In the show, he’s always trying to do this, but in this alternate universe, he’s finally done it.

I don’t want to show too much, but here are a few things I’ve seen.

Both of their Left Eyes are emphasized

The whole city is decked out like the Illuminati would love the world to be



Conveniently, Baphomet lies in his “As above, So below” position

It should also be noted that Phineas’ head looks… awfully familiar…

lol, clever

There’s quite a bit more in that movie, but it’s more fun to see the movie & see the signs & laugh!