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Halal Wings – San Francisco

It was thanks giving break and I indulged myself to not eat food in order to lose weight before I go back home. But this joint grasp my eyes. No only it was halal, but the construction of the menu was phenomenal. It was “Halal Wings” the name itself was really catchy and interesting. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to go and eat chicken wings. I had the sweet chili and garlic Parmesan wings, along with other dishes of my friends that I tried out. The flavor was WOW. And it gave me what I wanted. Everything was just perfect, the concept, everything!!! I just wish it was brought in a way that more people would line up to try the food. It was epic. I don’t know what to say except the fact that I still miss the taste and flavor this place gave me. It’s 110% of how good it was! Thank you for a wonderful experience and thank you for being kind and helpful! I recommend the honey garlic wings, it was my FAVE!! 

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The Dripp – Fullerton, CA

I am not a coffee person to be honest, I hate its flavor and it’s too powerful for me, I can never sleep fast after one shot o coffee. I am more of a tea person and green tea actually, other than that, no. However, I went to try this coffee place in Downtown Fullerton that was fun and served coffee with a twist. Again, I am not a coffee person so trying the shot was too much for me but I had to order something to please my stomach because the place and the decoration itself shows how much they put in it. The interior design was very cozy and had a feeling that felt like home. The coffee drinks were just right, and actually go with the atmosphere.

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