Bash Burger – Kuwait City, Kuwait

You know the feeling that once you go back home start to try all the new hot spots and feel fresh and new about the flavors and concepts delivered, well, this is what I got. I tried out a place called: ” Bash Burger” as a random reviewer, made sure there was no owner and no one would know me, so I get to review the place without any “Special Treatment” and the special treatment I got. We ordered 3 appetizers and 2 burgers. The flavors were phenomenal. The atmosphere was so simple and creative it made me want to come back again. Simplicity is everything and I hope the girls gain even more success! This should be in high end restaurants, the potato bun of th burgers weee wowish enough to satisfy my cravings. The risotto balls and the sauce all together combined was delightful. I do have a note about the buffalo chicken, if you could just change the presentation it would work out a little bit better because it fell as soon as he placed it on the plate and I had to re-do it to take a picture. Cheesy Fries, it was yummy but it was too cheesy with the sauces, change the concept of making it cheesy rather than saucy. The original bash Burger has to have a Bash Sauce I believe .. to make it more of a dignities dish instead of a normal burger . Name it’; Bash #2.0 as an influence and improved flavor. Other than that, the joint deserves an 7.5/10 just because wished the menu had more varieties and the updates I wish that had be done on the some of the dishes.

Thank you for understanding food girls! Good luck! The joint is located in Kuwait City, Kuwait – Sharq, Alshuhada Street. 

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