Los Angeles – A Place To Be. 

Apparently, I just realized that I have never spoke about my experience in Los Angeles. The “City of Angels” is not considered to be the best place on earth. What you see on movies is competely different, Hollywood and the lifestyle of Americans is a different story as well. Los Angeles is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world, the cities taxes are incredible and the prices of everything is beyond imagining. Imagine a bottle of water is more expensive than a can of Coke. On the other hand, the weather is phenomenal throughout the year. During my period of studying at UCLA, I lived the life of a foreigner, it was hard. On my first semester I lived in Downtown, Los Angeles, and I never figured that the traffic was horrible. I had to try to wake up 2 hours prior going to school, but it was always messed up!!! Not talking about the Parking that costs $20 per day!! It is an over priced place for a student who wants to live out the most. On second thought, the atmosphere and the places to go are extremely amazing, unlike, other states. Los Angeles will give you the experience like never before, just make sure you check out the area online first and avoid the high ways on rush hours “7am to 10am – 3pm to 7pm” and you will enjoy Los Angeles the way you want to.

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