Is it a word that define an individuals actions or does it have to do with our roots even though looking at mountains peek we share the same parents ( Father Adam and Mother Eve). Take a moment and allocate your self in a place of silence, Open up your mind as I want you to disband, think and analyze of what shall be written. Look up at this 4-lettered powerful word with your wide eyes opened triggering your minds to ingest and comprehend with no limitations, Use your mind and sail with your wild imagination. It’s this word that has landed in many families. As Its one of those tactics that many tend to use to crush the true meaning of love or the excuse of not approaching, stepping ahead to move forward.
Its that cultural referendum that defines if that particular partner either he/she is suitable or not, It’s seems to determine if whether him/her is your type or not even though you’ve might just found that perfect someone either from work, gym, family, university etc. See we’re all different and this is what makes us unique and because were  different we have distinct check lists projecting Mr/Ms perfect as a partner. As years pass new generations are born delivering with them different values and mentalities, Thus actions made by this generation might disturb the elders as they’re just not used to those actions. As young ones grow and reach that crucial stage “Marriage” and decide to follow their hearts and choose based on internal satisfaction, emotions, situations or just because you’ve known him/her for years and when you approach your elders to seek their opinion you suddenly get that rejection, repelling, strange, mind- shocking, unexplainable 4-lettered word “مو أصيل/ه” which when translated means “Rootless”. What does it exactly mean?, Is it based on our ancestors actions? Or is it this inherited system that we should obey with no discussions? A lot of questions would arouse based on that definition. Generally speaking who ever your ancestors were or what ever they’ve practiced decades ago doesn’t necessarily represent  young ones, lets have an honest question are we our ancestors? Do we live in the same life style as they lived? Don’t you think there are major differences between us and our ancestors?. Think of those questions and you would realize that the situation isn’t the same anymore therefore decisions shouldn’t be based on the old time situation. So wait, if there not relevant for us does this mean if the couple decide to progress and follow their hearts there relationship will end in misery, I personally doubt the odds. Why is it that if a partner from a different country with unknown history is preferred over a partner from your own country even though you tend to know a lot about them, you share similar cultural values, speak same language, is it because we live and care so much about the societies opinion even though you won’t gain any benefit from them, instead some might talk cheap about you either you do good/bad. Its because their ahead of them which builds up jealousy and deep inside they’d die to be in your shoe’s. Anyways back to the track what if that couple got married as they decided to follow their minds and take a step to be the change for others giving hope that love still exist and decisions should be taken wisely from that individual not glueing it strictly to  his/her parents decision as they’re the ones who are going to live. Lets say that individual is ” أصيل/ه” does it mean that there angels and taking them would reveal this heaven on earth and life would flow just perfectly, Well then why is the divorce rate increasing? Why do most wife’s cheat on their husbands? Why Do most husbands play on their wife’s? Do you think this word would simplify  a person’s morals and cut it short? I say nay. I say that decisions should be made based on clear actions of that targeted partner of yours throughout years. We should be the ones who judge others and not build a perception based on other judgmental’s as we all do have a brain. It’s funny how this word ” مو أصيل/ه ” tend  to malfunction and doesn’t count through out these certain conditions some of which are:
1- When she grows old and hates the fact she’s left out not wanting to miss the train as its her dream to see her kids. So should she and her kids be judged? 
2- What if she/he has a biological/ mental/physical disabilities are they excused to go with whom they desire or any comer?
3- That family are super rich or politically strong therefore what ever has been said would just cancel out. So now lets be real about this cause as it doesn’t hold a clear straight image as it goes with complicated set of rules.
Lets look at it from a religious point of view that all are equal and one and if we were different then it would be based on our deeds the hidden/exposed. So no matter whom your parents are wouldn’t actually determine how successful you would tend to be in the future and there a lot of examples out there in the world that has proven that, An example would be president Barrak. Haven’t you encountered that situation when families tend to break apart and their kids would get affected and if there where any promises between there sons and daughter’s it would be rejected without a specific reason and they might use the magic word ” مو أصيل/ه” and you’d be what, why, how come?
This game is undergoes this title 
Love vs ” مو أصيل/ه” 
So if it to be enforced on the young ones then love would diminish and this would be passed to the next generations till a certain point were one would take a stand and this is when hatred and neglecting her/him would be the result. 
Haven’t you seen this scene where that specific perfect friend her/him which in this society isn’t  ” اصيل ” even though his stands were so honoring and goes with an innocent clean character even though your straight siblings might not even do what he/she did. So how can we judge and what about that embryo should it be judged before birth? Please be honest with your self and chat with your conscious for a bit, take time to re-calibrate your thoughts. 
Many thanks to all for reading one of my thoughts that I tend to think about a lot. You rarely hear it from someone so id better be that some one who would speak it out, sorry if it was disturbing to you. I hope you accept the fact it’s just one of my projections that some might have encountered.
Yours friend/follower
Mohammad Alsoudan
One of Adams sons 
Instagram: Mohalsoudan

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