Inside the Closet Of A Kardashian – داخل كبت بنات كارداشيان

Ever wanted to take a step inside a celebrity’s closet? InStyle recently gave us a closer look into the lives of a Kardashian sister with their feature of Kardashian Closet Confidential. One thing these sisters are known for is their classic derriere accentuating styles and countless pairs of Louboutins. Here we get a sneak peek into their breath-taking closets and where they store all their goodies we could only dream of owning.

Up first is the most iconic sister Kim. Here she poses in her bedroom turned master closet. Her home was lacking in storage space, so her shoes and handbag collection get their very own room (can you imagine?).


At first I didn’t think much of her closet. It seemed much less organized than sister Kim’s and the only thing that caught my eye were the Louis Vuitton handbags atop her closet shelves. Of course this was until I saw her shrine of red soles.

Khloe stated, “Louboutins are like artwork to me—my Picassos”. This is an art collection I would be willing to invest in.



Lastly we have sister Kourtney’s closet. This petite sized socialite has a much smaller closet than her two sisters, but this one definitely isn’t lacking in style.


Which closet did you like the best? Khloe wins my vote, but this is simply because i have a Christian Louboutin obsession paired with a Louis Vuitton infatuation.

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