The Chocolate Cafe Opening!

We Were invited by the chocolate cafe, and it was an amazing jounrey / event, 2 things i can’t resist, Food & Chocolate, and they served it right by bringing me those 2 things, i was told that i was a Picky person, but i wasn’t i had a bad mood due to my french exam which i rocked it OUT! it was great! thank god, but the chocolate cafe, changed my mood, the chocolate that use is amazing, and scrumptious!!!!!! My Mom loved each bite, and they’re dishes are unique and the best part is that, the chocolate that they use is only used by 2 other companies, Fauchon and Laudree ! PLUS they MAKE EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH! the Digestive & Even The marshamallows are made from Scratch!! Every Single thing, i enjoyed it, i hope you guys enjoy it the same as me.. and order the Red Velvet, it’s the best i had! they’re in Mishref Food Circle !














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