Check Out What I Found Protein Bar ” Snickers “

” The human body needs protein to build muscles. In the fitness and medical fields it is generally accepted that protein after exercise helps build the muscles used. Whey is one of the most often used proteins for protein bars for sports reasons. Protein bars are targeted to people who are searching for a source of protein that doesn’t need preparation. There are different kinds of food bars to fill different purposes. Unlike energy bars, which focus on providing food energy, or meal replacement bars, which intend to replace the variety of nutrients in a meal, protein bars usually lack food energy but also vitamins and dietary minerals. Protein bars are mainly used by athletes or sports people for muscle building. There are protein bars that are taken simply because of the protein only, others have a combination with carbohydrates for recovering muscle tissue after sports. Various diets based on proteins exist. In more and more markets protein is known for satiety levels. “

So i found those during my time in the states, do we have those in markaz al sultan? i don’t know but it’s an amazing journey  to find such poiunts in this land and kingdom world wide, each country has it’s things own products to serve it’s people but the states? is the main source of the new things!


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