Aborting The Baby While Pregnant? Because The Father Doesn’t Want Nothing From Both The Mother Or The Child !

Be Strong, The Mother Of The Child, a huge fuss is going around the county and what’s going on, is just a father and a person who made a woman pregnant and well simply denies that he did, did he? and he wants his own child to be aborted but i tell you this, why did you do it in the first place? the woman has the priorities and privileges more than you, she chooses not you, according to alot of other women, the same idea, but why did you do it in the first place? that’s the problem, it’s not just about fun! it’s not about love, it’s a next time towards life ONLY MARRIED PEOPLE DO IT. unless your married but that’s a huge different idea and concept, but my dear friend who’s suffering from this thing, and she’s staying strong and i’m really proud of her of not letting the child go, she will never leave and she will never let go, she said, everyone’s with her and against that guy that did such a bad thing and were suverly not happy with what he did!


” I just found out that I am pregnant and the father is telling me he doesn’t care. I am afraid that when the baby is born he won’t take responsibility and say that it is his. I know you can get a paternity test but my question is: In the state of NH, can the biological father not pay child support if he doesn’t want the baby, even if it his? ”

” Hey Im in a similar situation at the moment the baby isn’t born yet only about 6 weeks along! I went for the pee test and it came up positive and went for the blood test as well. Told the person Im seeing, he is the only person Ive been with in the last year, and he doesn’t beleive it is his. I said if I could get a DNA test I would straight away but I can’t!
” I know hes the father and I really don’t know what to do about it now! He said I could just be telling him that and its someone elses. I said to him its obviously immaculate conception because hes the only one Ive been with. Really don’t know what to do!!! We used protection to ”

Message To Our Friend:

I am concerned for you because of your statement ” I don’t want to be so depressed that I harm the baby.” If you feel suicidal, please get help from a professional NOW. Depression is a disease and can be treated even when you are pregnant, you can get help from a counselor. If your statement meant that your feelings of being down and sad could hurt the baby, rest assured that baby won’t be harmed by your mood. You are allowed to scared and sad and feel overwhelmed right now. Reach out to friends and family. Talk to your OB. If your child’s father doesn’t want to be part of his/her life, surround him with uncles, grandfathers and other positive male role models. You can do anything you put your mind to, even if you have days where you feel overwhelmed. Be strong Momma, and congratulations on your baby.

Health Concerns:


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