Winners With @TriangleKw – الفايزين معانا بالمسابقة

It’s Time To Announce, The Winners, Who’s The Winners? Who Won The Dinner? Who Got The Prize? Well You’ll Have To See The Full Post For That! Mabrooook!


1. Where Is Triangle Located? – وين موقع المطعم؟

Salhiya / Aljawhara Tower, next to Salhiya Fire station ” Both Correct Answers “


2. What’s The Name Of This Dish? – شنو اسم هالطبق؟

Steak Bites


3. What Is There Delivery Number Not The Store Number? – جم رقمهم حق الديليفري؟



4. Name The 3 Desserts. – شنو اسامي هالاطباق؟

Bread Pudding / Nutella Bread Pudding – Chocolate Bread Pudding / Nutella Heaven



Winner 1 Winner 2 Winner 3 Winner 4 Winners

We Have Emailed You for recieve your gift and accept the prize, your limit is 2 days, if you don’t accept it, an other person will get that prize, But Congratulations! There are more to come inshallah ;D

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  1. oh yeaaaaaaaaah , thanks 😛

  2. Yeees thank you

  3. Hello, thanks a lot, I accept the prize but could you explain quite clear about the prize? Because I undrstood that it is a dinner with some one or what?

  4. i sended my info but still didnt accept any email from u (A)

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