Interview With @LanaAlResheed ! – مقابلة مع لنا الرشيد

I had the chance to interview one of the most amazing people, you’ll ever want to know and well let’s just say the person that nearly all kuwait knows from her amazing attitude, optimistic, She Said: ” nothing can stop myway, I love discovering new things, I believe I’ll leave a footprint in this world ” And She Already has left the strongest footprint you’ll ever want to know, i’d give her an award for that! Let’s know More About Lana In The interview!


1. Who Is Lana Al Resheed ? – من هي لنا الرشيد ؟
I dont usually know how to say who am i , i prefere people know who am i from what i do
but i can say this in points
1- First Kuwaiti Hotelier
2- Who Made FREE ZONE Glow with events.
3- Made Youth Expo Happen
4- Owner of theCITY magazine

2. Since when do you love hotels/event organizing? – من متى تحبين الفندقة وتنسيق الافنتات؟
– I love hotels since I was a child .

3. When did you start the hotel business? – من متى بديتي مجال الفندقة وليش؟
– Why I don’t know but sometimes right things happen and it was 7 years ago.

4. Who supported you to continue in this path? – منو دعمج انج تكملين في هالمجال؟
– There was no support I decided to win , its all about YOU if you decide you will reach no matter what.

5. Any books? – عندج كتب ؟
No but I will in 2 years .

6. What’s Your goal ? – شنو هدفج؟
– Make the world respect , love & Know Kuwaitis by highlighting the great Kuwaitis through my magazine theCITY , then to make a one of a kind talk show .

7. What’s your achievements – شنو الأشياء الي حققتيها؟
– I brought 5000 cars to a youth expiation 7 years ago when there was nothing called youth exhibition .

– I made the Kuwait FREE ZONE glow with events
– I started my own business
– I helped a lot .

8. Any Last Words? – كلمة أخيرة؟
– I wish everyone the best of luck & don’t forget to follow theCITY magazine Instagram @thecitymagazine & twitter @thecitymags ….there are LOTS of surprises coming on the way.

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