Interview With @Cute2Eat_Bakery

We had the beautiful chance, to meet and greet the owner of Cute2Eat_Bakery, Reem Al Failakawy, who’s really unique in what she does, and well let’s just say we loved her work!


1. Who Is Reem Al Failkawy ?
Im a person who loves 3d cakes designs and different occasions cakes especially the cakes that are a challenge for me and my team

2. When did you start bakery as a business?
Before 2 years I start by selling cupcakes the normal then i learned about world 3d cakes by courses and videos till i found a proficient team working with my bakery

3. Do You Like Any Celebrity Chef’s?
I’m big fan of cake boss show i want to be like his work in future And Anjilla Dawson .

4. What’s Your Goal ?
To open my own bakery and be an intrnational brand also want to be a head chef decorator

5. What’s your Achievement?
In 2 years i made the biggest achievement that almost Kuwait know who is Reem Al Failkawy so i achieved 3 goals and 2 left to complete my dream enshallah20130118-203724.jpg

6. How many hours u spend with ur team each day preparing the orders?
Nearly 8 to 12 hours a day.

7. Any other interest in ur life?
My family in first place my friends also can not live without one special dear friend she is my soul and my life partner20130118-203735.jpg

8. Do you apend all the time in bakery?
Mm no cause i have also my special life and i play squash also can not miss any match for manchester united im the person u call crazy about manchester united .

9. Any last word?
I want to say that if u have a small dream don’t u ever say the famous kuwaity word ( مالي خلق) try try try try and never give up .


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