New Year’s Eve Events Kuwait – جميع فعاليات واحتفالات راس السنة بالكويت

I Took this post from the amazing event blogger BananaQ8, Your number one events in Kuwait destination.

” Still unsure where to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Kuwait? I admit it’s kinda hard to find cool events for the New Year’s Eve in Kuwait, we were trying to contact every restaurant and hotel to inquire whether they have something special prepared for the New Year’s Eve. Sadly some restaurants were fully booked but there are still many places to enjoy. Of course you can still enjoy nice BBQ with family or friends, hire a Limo or Yacht, make party, or watch other countries celebrations on TV or simply enjoy a dinner at home “


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  1. Been to almost all of them, not very impressive! 😦

  2. Al7md llh 3la n3mh al2slam .. W al38l

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