Introducing ‘Pretty Peninsula’

So, this would be my absolute first blog post/online article I have ever written! I have been wanting to start blogging for quite a while now but I’ve been reluctant to. However, thanks to my long-time buddy & the founder of the ah-mazing fried-junk blog & business, Mohammed, whose encouragement finally got me to say “Oh what the heck, why not?!” and now, here I am, Sitting behind my computer screen, typing away!

I have been a fashion lover for as long as I can remember. I’m a fashion magazine addict & a Style network-junky. Though, not many people know I have a “passion for fashion” but I think now is the perfect timing to break my silence & share with the world my views, likes & dislikes on clothes, hair, make up & all things girlie, really.

I am just a typical teenage girl, I’m half Kuwaiti & I have been living in K-town my entire life. I do not own a fashion boutique or my own clothing line or anything of that sort (as awesome as it may seem) so, I’m hoping many of you, from all over the region, could relate to me.

This blog post/article is really just so I can “test the waters” by introducing myself to you, readers & to establish my ummm.. let’s call it a fan base, shall we? However, I am putting together my first official post with some of my favourite ideas & must haves this season (sweater weather, yay!). In the meantime, do follow us on Twitter: @PrettyPeninsula AND on Instagram: PrettyPeninsula  to share your thoughts with us.

As an ending to this post, I want to give a biiiiiig thank you to Mohammed for letting me share my blog on his blog & allowing me to share with his followers & fans. If Pretty Peninsula ever becomes famous (inshallah!!!) remember, you saw it here on Fried Junk first! 😉

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