Review: B+F ” Burger Boutique ” – AlRaya Mall

Let’s Just say i’m in love and i fell in love with each and every bite, too bad my sister didn’t attend but everything missed her, the concept was basically about LOW LOW & LOW, Low Calories, Huge Pleasure, Much Joy, Less Stomach Ache from the Healthy Organic Food * YUM * and it re-opened with a twist, really worth it, i’d Like to thank the owner for the Lovely Event and thanks to my iPhone i have combined all the pictures into one picture for you to enjoy and i think i will be doing it quite often ;P

Organic Coke & Organic Ketchup which made every single taste like heaven …. Thanks To 7ajiDude for some of the pictures, Love You 7aji & Dudette ;P

Skinny CLOUD < 3333 The Red Velvet ice cream which made everything extremely tastyyyyyyyyy and i fell in love with it even more walllahhh ya 3alam 7isaw feeni and my red velvet passion ;P My Base Was Red Velvet & Milk Skinny Cloud & Red Velvet only AS A TOPPING !!

PS The Untagged Picturs Belongs to 7ajidude.


Burger Boutique Is Located In: AlRaya Mall, 3rd Floor < 3333

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