Review: Pei Wei, The Avenues.

I Loved The New Joint! it wasn’t very crowded ” THANK GOD ” Because Avenues on Weekends Are FULL OF PEOPLE, with no places to hang out or even walk, but i dare you ask any person they’ll say: ” Were Either Going into a Movie or Gizing ” That’s they’re minds now… Sorry but i’m not that kind of a person.. i BARELY go to malls now.. in the last year i went to the malls for 4 to 5 times? only? i became a loner all of a sudden focusing on my Business & Blog, I LOVE YOU GUYS! , but thanks to Blantaka, i have Enjoyed it Last time with my cousin and Aunt, Pei Wei was the Place to enjoy a dinner and i did. Prices are grreat, Food was EXTREMELY Fast, all the dishes came to us in less than 3minutes and they were hot ” Fresh ” and i loved everything in it. i hope you enjoy the photos and actually try it because i loved it, it consists more than joint in it also from the help of PF Changs.

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