Difference Between Our McFlurry & Europe’s McFlurry!

Huge Difference Between Both, 1) The Pattern. 2) Style. 3) Flavors. 4) Workers. Yes The Workers, They have they’re own style to give you the McFlurry, when we ordered it, something really weird happened, they cheered and shouted and asked for our names and i felt like i was somekind of a celebrity! i was really stunned, while Friedy Stood there Mocking me, she ordered the McFlurry.. but she got jealous because she wanted to try to put it in the cup and well i did ! HAHA! Moootay 7ara ;P but i’ll just show you a sneak peak on what i did…

PS: THOSE AREN’T MY NAILS! it was my little brother so i can actually take a picture without errors.


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