LADIES! What To Do When A Guy Ignores You For The Football ?

When it comes to football if you can’t beat them, join them By Nader Torki

One of the many things that causes arguments between men and women is football games. Most men are football fans and most women simply hate it. The arguments are usually triggered by the games consuming a lot of his time, when he cancels your outings together or when he is spending too much time with his friends. If your man is football crazy and he is not willing to miss a game then this article is here to help. Accept itFor you it might sound impossible, right? But if you want him to be less crazy about it then you must accept that he cannot just stop watching football all of a sudden.

It will take time for him to change so start by accepting football as part of your life. You don’t need to love it, you just need to cope with it. One game lasts for less than two hours and then will return to real life.  Be aware of the football schedule and fit your plans around it to avoid disappointment Have it part of the planIf you are not aware of the schedule of important football matches then you might plan for something that clashes with a game.

Whenever you are planning for anything important on a certain date ask if any games are on that same day. Set some limits When you show some acceptance to the games then you are in a stronger position to ask him in return to change some of his routine. For example, you can agree with him that it is fine to watch the game and spend time on the phone with friends discussing it, but he shouldn’t be seeing all the after match analysis, statistics and highlights again and again! Make it an indoor activity If you are annoyed that he usually goes out to see the game with friends then why not to ask him to invite his friends to watch it at home while you prepare for them a snack, some drinks and popcorn? 

Don the team colors and get involved Share the fun Not all the football matches are boring. Ask him which matches are likely to be fun to watch together, for example the final game in a championship, World Cup, or competitions for national teams. Try to support his team by getting a jersey with the team color or put the flag color on your cheek. He’ll love it and most probably, you will get a nice hug after each goal your team scores. If the team wins you will have a lot of fun celebrating! If you know nothing about the rules then don’t worry; just cheer when your team is going towards the opponent’s net or close to it. On the contrary, thank god whenever the ball is close to your team’s net but not inside it and be sad if they scored inside the net.

Tip of the week: Don’t ask him about the rules of the game while the match is ongoing. Wait until the ball is not in play and then ask.

Important note: Don’t ask him what is ‘offside’ as it takes a lot of time to be explained and only 5% of women actually get to know how it works, so don’t worry about it and let go.

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