Extra services you may need when hosting corporate events London??

If you are hosting a corporate event for the first time then the chances are you will probably feel at a loss regarding where to start with planning the occasion. Regardless of what event you are hosting, it is vital that it is a success and that it leaves a good impression. After all, it will be a representation of your company. 

There are lots of things which are needed to be considered when planning corporate events London based. Obviously finding a venue and inviting your guests are the most important aspects, but there is a lot more which needs to be considered than just that.

However, this is not a cause for panic. As long as you tackle everything in an organised manner you will be just fine. Deal with each element one by one, make a checklist and tick each aspect off once it has been dealt with.

In order to ensure that you do not forget any crucial elements of your event planning this article will provide you with the main factors you should consider when hosting a corporate event.


Do you require food for the event you are hosting? If so then you will obviously need to seek a catering company. Some venues offer this alongside venue hire, so make sure you find out before you go to do all the hard work yourself. The food you provide has to be in keeping with the event you are hosting, for example, if your hosting a training day then tons of smarties, flying saucers, gummy bears and strawberry laces probably isn’t the best idea. Nevertheless, the caterer will be able to advise you on your options. 


Do you require excess staff for the event? Again, this is something which may come with the venue or alternatively you may need to source yourself. Think about this carefully before you simply dismiss the idea of added staff. Do you need someone to show guests to their seats? What about a waiter? Do you need security? 

Team building and activities

If you are hosting a day which revolves around your staff; their productivity, their bonding etc. Then you may require the services of an outside professional company which can aid you with regards to great team building exercises and activities. This can involve anything from a simple activity to be used in a training day or a big event thrown to get your staff together and bond outside work with the aim of having a positive impact in the work place.


If you are hosting a Christmas party or something similar for your staff then you may consider the option of booking some entertainment. The options for entertainment are endless these days; you can book anything from a circus act to a classical singer. Providing entertainment is a great way to get everybody together and show that you care about your employees. 

Once you have booked your venue and informed your guests, it is vital that you think about any extra services you may require for your corporate event.


Emily Hall is a freelance content writer by profession. She finds immense pleasure in writing search party venues related articles including Corporate events London.

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